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abiogenesis Asyncronous, nested 'task' runner framework with dependency resolution.

alchemist Serve & manage multiple static sites from one UI.

apnagent Node adapter for Apple Push Notification (APN) service.

apollo Actor systems for Javascript

argvee argv parsing (that is actually useful)

arkive Streaming archive/unarchive in various formats.

assertion-error Error constructor for test and validation frameworks that implements standardized AssertionError specification.

backbone.iobind Bind events to backbone models & collections.

breeze Async flow control utility.

breeze-async Simple series and parallel flow control.

breeze-asyncify Make a syncronous function asyncronous.

breeze-auto Invoke async functions concurrently based on prerequisites.

breeze-dag Async flow control for directed-acyclic-graph iteration.

breeze-nexttick process.nextTick shim for node.js and the browser

breeze-queue Throttled parallel function invocation.

bufs Buffer collection utilities.

carbon Middleware based proxy for cluster or table based routing.

carbon-logger Quantum based logger for Carbon proxy.

carbon-stats Stats middleware for Carbon proxy.

chai BDD/TDD assertion library for node.js and the browser. Test framework agnostic.

chai-http Extend Chai Assertion library with tests for http apis

chai-spies Spies for the Chai assertion library.

chai-stats Statistical and additional numerical assertions for the Chai Assertion Library.

chai-timers Allows the Chai Assertion library to create and measure timers.

co-condvar Conditional variable primitive for generator flow-control.

co-future Wrap a generator function in a future for fine-grained resolution control.

co-mutex Mutex primitive for generator flow control.

co-semaphore Counted semaphore primitive for generator flow-control.

codex Static site and code documentation generator.

cohesion Elegant process clustering.

comm Rust-inspired communication primitives for asyncronous message passing.

contraption Finite State Machines for node.js and the browser.

createsend A wrapper for the Campaign Monitor API.

crystal Tiny math-based unique id generator.

deep-eql Improved deep equality testing for Node.js and the browser.

dockeragent Node.js adapter for Docker services.

drag a very small drag library for javascript

dragonfly Tiny error manager for big applications.

drip An EventEmitter alternative for nodejs and the browser that supports namespaces and wildcards.

electron A simple command-line interface framework for node.js.

evermore Make processes run evermore.

exifdata Read and Write JPEG EXIF metadata.

eyehurt CLI color utility for zombies

facet Configuration mixin for constructors.

fbagent Thin, stateless Facebook Graph wrapper.

fez A fast build tool for JavaScript

filtr Array filtering for node.js and the browser inspired by MongoDB.

flynn Process monitor for node.js

folio Tiny static javascript build and serve utility.

fsagent A few extras for the node.js fs module.

gaia Storage-agnostic graph database ORM

gaia-filter Array filtering inspired by MongoDB's query language.

gaia-hash Hash tables for javascript.

gaia-schema Javascript object validation.

gaia-schematype Base constructor for all gaia-schema data types.

gaia-tsort Topological sort utility for directed acyclic graphs.

geek Tools for the node geek.

geospatial Geospatial utility library.

goodwin Deep object inspection and modification given a stringed path.

gryn Procfile based process management.

harbor TCP port availability and assignment utility.

hydro Teeny-weeny test runner for Node.js

hyperion-mixin-hooks Hooks mixin for Hyperion.

hyperion-mixin-permissions Multifaceted permission management mixin for Hyperion applications.

hyperion-parse-path Parse tokenized url patterns.

hyperion-qs Querystring encode/decode for node.js and the browser.

hyperion-router HTTP router for node.js and the browser.

idris Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

jq Server-side jQuery wrapper for node.

katu Backbone style routing for Connect.

kettle a scrolling content widget based on drag.js

kinetik A storage-agnostic, tag centric job queue for distributed applications.

lotus Streaming buffer protocol DSL and parsing API.

loupe Inspect utility for Node.js and browsers

matcha Benchmark your code.

mist Flexible CLI platform for application tasks and deployments.

mist-tasks Simple tasks for the Mist Automation Framework

oath Thunk-based flow control with fallback support for callbacks.

orchid Websockets based eventful RPC

params Hash filter utility. Like strong params.

pathval Object value retrieval given a string path

pauli Generate unique IDs

pcrypt Password salt/hash encryption and comparison using pbkdf2.

pidaeus Node.js bindings for Raspberry Pi hardware interfaces.

quantum Transport independant JSON logging for node.js.

readdir-stream Recursively read a directory and stream stats objects.

roundabout Stack several transform streams behind a single stream for reusable piping magic.

seed Storage-agnostic, event emitting datasets: schemas, models, hashes, and graphs.

seed-filestore Store Seed datasets in a JSON file structure.

seed-mongodb Seed storage for MongoDB

seed-redis Store your seed sets in Redis

sherlock Simple console based debugging for node.js and the browser.

simple-assert Vanilla Assertions

sol Hash data structure utility belt for node and the browser.

super Extend everything.

supercouch Super duper CouchDB driver for node and the browser.

tea Common object utilities.

tea-concat A must faster concat for Arrays

tea-error Custom error constructor factory.

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