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ack-types ack type lookup

appendage decorate streams uniformly

chronotrigger turn events into time

cob read and manipulate json

dir-stream stream filenames

dotpath-stream transform object streams by dotpath

dotpather dotpath lookup module

drive.js js test driving with style

email-ricochet email relay

envpm npm registry environment manager

file-content-stream stream file contents

freud copy and mutate files by extension

fs-find-root search up directories

glance disposable fileserver

html-ls html ls

http-json-response send json easy

http-params get http parameters

jsmv rename modules in js files

json-readdir-stream levelup createReadStream for a directory of json files

jung trigger commands on file change events

jut codebase module search

krang braaain

loveseat very limited couchdb interface

medium-templater smarter than your average tiny-templater

morse-codes the morse alphabet and other codes

morse-decode-stream morse decode stream

morse-decodes the morse alphabet and other codes

morse-stream transform words into morse code

norse convert morse to timing information

npmm npm registry manager

obj-merge non-destructive extend

readmetree see every readme in your project. great for offline coding.

remorse turn timing information into morse code

route-emitter dead-simple routing

stream-police block stream data on criteria

subdirs list of all subdirectories

tik command line key/value store

tiny-templater super-minimal templating

uncanny static blog generator

unpm-backend-test unpm backend tests for verifying compliance

unpm-fs-backend static file backend for unpm json data

unpm-www web frontend for unpm

vibrant stream to the vibrate api

vibration-example vibrant example page

wack wack ack

ziggy irc bot with plugin support

ziggy-albert albert plugin for ziggy

ziggy-ddg-search duck duck go search plugin for ziggy

ziggy-eval-js eval js plugin for ziggy

ziggy-example-plugin this is how plugins work for ziggy

ziggy-inbox ziggy irc bot plugin for leaving messages

ziggy-karma karma plugin for ziggy bot

ziggy-plugin-manager plugin management for ziggy irc bot

ziggy-substitute text substitution plugin for ziggy irc bot

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