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audio-buffer-sink A web audio sink node that writes received data to an AudioBuffer

bag Unordered collection

basekit Base class with event binding, signal and teardown facilities

bitcrusher Bitcrush effect for the web audio API

cdefine Generate C #defines from objects

classkit class-like inheritance if you're into that sort of thing

css-builder Build CSS in Javascript, no preprocessors!

domutil DOM utility functions

drake Move along, nothing to see yet.

friendpipe Send files to your friends from the command line.

friendpipe-protocol-mailto Email/SMTP protocol handler for friendpipe

gapbuffer Gap buffer data structure implementation

gesture single-point gesture recogniser

gridworld 2D gridworld representation and canvas renderer, intended for experimentation with various game algorithms.

hudkit User interface library

hudkit-action Actions for hudkit

hudkit-code-editor Code editor component for hudkit

hudkit-core Hudkit core library. You probably don't want to use this directly.

hudkit-layouts A collection of predefined application layouts for hudkit

hudkit-property-object 2-way binding object for hudkit's PropertyEditor widget

imp-client IMP client

jester Simple language designed for teaching

jib jib is a new take on make(1)

kayak raft implementation

lemur OS X MIDI playback engine for node.js based on Core MIDI

lexical-env Simple API for manipulating lexical environments as found in Lisp, Scheme

math-ext simple math functions. clamp, lerp etc

menace a self-like language

min-heap min-heap data structure

multidoc Multidoc parser

nih Utility library

nw-context Helper functions for passing document/window context into node-webkit

octree Octree

oskar Lightweight on-screen keyboard with no dependencies

quotient Rational numbers for Javascript

rattrap Temporarily capture all mouse events

sexp sexp -> array parser

sexp-stream Streaming s-expression parser

sexp-tokenizer Streaming s-expression tokenizer

shayda A friendly interface around WebGL shader programs

signalkit Signals & delegates

slowpoke Detect slow-running loops and abort after a user-defined timeout

sparkjs Javascript sketch-coding environment. Processing with a REPL!

sparkjs-launcher Launcher for sparkjs

spawn-terminal Spawn a terminal in a given directory

steptoe Simple language, based on Javascript, with an interpreter designed for asynchronous step execution

style-tag Programatically create <style> elements in the browser

stylekit In-browser CSS generation with variable binding and live updates

swipe-panel DOM swipe detector/emitter

swizzle-parser Parser component of swizzle-term

tape-readable-seq Test readable streams emit a predefined sequence of values with tape

traitor Traits library

trbl Expand top-right-bottom-left component arrays in accordance with CSS rules

type-predicates Type-checking functions

unwise SCSS-inspired CSS preprocessor

waldo-imii In-memory inverted-index

wmap watchable map

xson eXtended Serialized Object Notation

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