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authenticated ensure a request is authenticated

authz ERROR: No file found!

avec Eventual ES5 array operations using promises

babs bay area bike share status

backbone-bindings Bi-directional bindings between Backbone.View elements and Backbone.Model attributes

backbone-browserify-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. - For Browserify

bbq AOP with Promises

bight inject and compose through streams into a pipeline

bikesy get bike directions form the api

blat JSON.stringify

callbackify backwards compatibilify your callback functions while migrating apis to promises

chai-interface chai assertions about an object's interface

characterize characterize a set of data

charybdis drain an object stream and wrap it in a promise

chopchop (wip) easy paging for web apps

clean-whitespace normalize whitepsace characters to and space

coatcheck a split key/value store: stash values in one store and keys in another

conch format markdown for console output

connective combine predicate (bool returning) functions with propositional logic connectives (and, or, not)

connective-promise boolean (true/false) and first order (some/every) logic with promises

cricket composite hashing

cu Copper - collection utilities

cut Aspect-oriented (AOP) helper for sync or async code

deepdive jargon file

dockerfile work with Dockerfiles from

docrules pattern matching declarative assertion framework for documents

dotjson get/set api for .json files, like config files

dotmap easy dot-notation accessor functions

eek mix in an EventEmitter to your constructor

eighty utility for working with text in a fixed width buffer (like a console)

etseq classical synchrony

exec-stream stream to a child process

expr ERROR: No file found!

fallback retry a function with a series of arguments until one works

fancy A strawman implementation of the Fantasy Land spec

fattr function attributes

find-root find the closest package.json

fixedauth peer service authentication with a fixed, shared key

flite binding for flite, a tiny text-to-speech synthesizer

fninfo get basic info about a function

functioncreate create functions with prototypal inheritance

funderscore happy functional funtimes version of _

github-resolve-semver resolve an npm-style semver range to a git tag for a github repo

hash-builder class for building hashes

heredoc multiline strings for javascript

hip minimal http server

html2plaintext convert html-formatted text to plaintext

indexed-array An extension to native Array which supports direct element lookup by position index or primary key.

jden me, automated

late load you a directory full of templates for great justice

lazypromise lazy promises which start on then

like build a regex from user input for filtering data

literal-stream wrap a string literal in a readable stream

logica a compile-to-javascript predicate logic language

logica-editor a web-based editing environment for

lug functional console logging

mapargs map function parameters to types

maskurl hide user password in a url for safe console and log output

minc minq experiment in continuables

minq fluent queries for mongodb using Promises/A+

minq-paged return a paged query result set from a minq query

minq-repl interactive querying for mongodb a la minq

monconn parse and use mongodb connectionstrings

monget a commandline tool to run mongo queries to stdout

moquire because mocking `require`d modules for unit tests should be easy

muddle combine and compose connect-style middleware

nali a DI service registry

ncall Call a Node callback style function and return a Promise

newt force insanceof... I got better!

ninvoke Call a Node callback style method and return a Promise

node-asyncify use plain old functions asynchronously as node-style callbacks

npdx nodepdx cli awesome

npm-delegate a hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier

npm-protect CLI utility to modify a package.json to use a private npm registry

npms make it easier to install git+ssh deps

nullable plow bravely ahead!

object-match match selectors in an object

object-replace String.prototype.replace for Objects

objectid mongodb objectid utilities

offer attach cancelable event listeners


omgwtfbbq lol!

path-trie data structure for path-addressable resources

plumb functional composition sugar

polyfill-promise polyfill standard Promises to old versions of node

powerlevel a convenient way to see if things are powerful enough

pr node builtins wrapped for promises

pr-request promisified `request` module

predicament asynchronous boolean logic and If-Then-Else branching

projector relational algebra-inspired object modification

promesa easiest way to return a promise from a function

prometido promise helpers (wip)

ptrace easily trace execution order of your promise-based program

qall lift functions of arity > 1 into a Promises/A+ chain

qed wire up express routes to promise-returning functions

redisc create redis clients with connection strings

refcount count things on an observable stack

relquire yes, it's another wrapper for node's require.*

require-config-obj validate configuration objects

resolved a promises/a compliant `when`, but for objects instead of arrays

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