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resolved a promises/a compliant `when`, but for objects instead of arrays

resource-error error classes relating to resources, aligned with http codes

responsible handle http responses

rope test harness for minq queries

routing-proxy route http requests to servers based on url path

sawtooth data access pattern for tiered-locality data access

scopedid generic identifier class with types and optional versions

scratchy repl with node_modules preloaded

semver-loose loose precision matching on semvers

shortcircuit asynchronous short circuit evaluation

ski eponymous functions from the SKI calculus

snap session middleware for the truly lazy using mongodb

spac cli client in node.js

speq promise-happy test DSL

taproom find whats on tap at your local pub

th th.en - make it painless to adapt between callbacks and promises

to-string stringify

tracery an object structure predicate builder (make functions to test an object's structure)

tri tricorder for figuring out problems, yo

typederror custom error type creator: throw new CustomError()

unitary basic unit of measure annotations

webstraw suck-stream the web

wham whimsical web framework

whats locates a module's readme and prints it to stdio


zed lazily map functions to a lazy promise

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