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ancient-morse-translator Just a fun brain teaser

caption A captioned image generator for node.js, using imagemagick libraries.

cheezburger A module for interfacing with the cheezburger api

config-heroku An adapter for using node-config ( on heroku

facebook-open-graph Open graph actions made easier

fastpass A node.js library for getsatsfaction fastpass

grunt-process-css A plugin for preprocessing css

jss-styles A Stylesguide parser (and example generator) for creating living styleguides, based on kss -

node-debug-osx Bash wrapper around the node-inspector that opens & closes safari windows and stuff

replybot A bot for replying to tweets

urza Urza is a node.js framework built for rapid development.

winston-sns A Simple Notification System Transport for winston (

wordgenerator Quick and dirty wordlist based word generator for inspiration when naming shit

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