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backgrounder yet another library for spawning multiple independent background workers as well as multiple pool of workers, v0.5 fork API to communicate with them; the library also supports callback between processes

connect-less-jolira Yet another connect handler implementation for less

directory-tree-watcher Using the command to keep track of changes in directory trees

ec2-user-data access user-data from an EC2 instance

ec3-user-data access user-data from an EC2 instance

jolira-bootstrap Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development; adopted for the site-manager

jolira-deployer Auto-deploy application on S3

jolira-logger Write log messages to S3

jolira-logviewer view log files stored on S3

jolira-replicator Concurrent editing of documents from multiple devices using backbone.js

jolokia-client execute queries agains the jolokia JMX bridge

npm-dev-linker npm-wrapper for developing multiple components concurrently; creates symbolic links from node_modules to local projects and runs npm install for external dependencies

release-notes Generate release notes from Jenkins CI server

s3-store Simple Data Storage (SDS) using S3

server-config Load Configuration for Servers from Environment Variables, Config Files, EC2 Meta Data, etc

server-tracker track performance, and other information from servers, write the data into mongodb, and hand it out to clients for visualization

simpler-xmpp Possibly Simpler High Level NodeJS XMPP Library

singe-page-server A Server for Single-Page Web-Applications

site-manager Create & manage mobile and desktop sites using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3

site-manager-baseline Client-side UI for the Site-Manager applications

site-manager-bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter adopted for the site-manager

site-manager-bootstrap-backbone Reusable components for Web-Apps using Backbone and Twitter Bootstrap

site-manager-mobile Mobile Skins for the Site-Manager applications

site-manager-twitterbootstrap twitter bootstrap file for the site-manager

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