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aug a library to augment objects and prototypes

aws-curl A cli tool to curl ec2 boxes

boots twitter bootstrap cli

bytesize ##Installation

clientjade a command line utility to generate compiled jade templates for the browser

clientside a tool for converting CommonJS style code into code for the browser

combinations find all combinations from array

confi a simple configuration library

cube-dashboard a dashboard for cube

cube-reports an email reporting tool for cube

currie a simple proxy/curry function

data-diff a library to get the changes from one object to another

deptree A library to resolve dependency trees

dice-roll A basic A/B test library

dist a cli tool and library to create development and production versions for the browser

evercreate Cli to create evernote notes and reminders

express-bundle an express library to split up your application into multiple sub-apps (bundles)

fakeson Library for creating fake json documents

fatjs Library for grunt to build First + Third javascript libaries

fidel a ui view controller

fileup cross browser async file upload utility

framejax a iframe ajax library for uploading files

ft-init Project scaffolds for First + Third

ga server side google analytics

gapserver a server for building out phonegap apps

ghpage A cli tool to generate a one page site for your project to host on github pages

grunt-bootstrap Grunt plugin to generate custom builds of bootstrap

grunt-bytesize Grunt plugin to output the filesize and gzip size of files

grunt-clientside Generate clientside js code from CommonJS modules

grunt-concat-bower A grunt plugin to concat bower dependencies

grunt-ghpage Grunt Plugin to generate a nice looking ghpage from a markdown file

grunt-hash Append a unique hash to the end of a filename for cache busting.

grunt-inline-css Takes an html file with css link and turns inline. Great for emails.

grunt-markx Grunt plugin for converting markdown and code into html

grunt-multishot grunt plugin to create screenshots for multiple urls

grunt-reloadr LiveReload grunt plugin

highlight.js Syntax highlighting with language autodetection.

jquery-builder jQuery Builder lets you easily build a version a custom version of jQuery without downloading the source, grabbing the submodules, installing grunt and building yourself.

load-grunt-config Grunt plugin that lets you break up your Gruntfile config by task

loadr a library to load modules in the broswer

logr a simple logger/debugger

markx a command line markdown + syntax highlighter with live preview

markx-project a cli to generate github project pages with markx

masher asset util

mockdata a library to generate mock data

multishot Creates screenshots for pages

observe an event lib for node and browser

placefinder a yahoo placefinder library

reloadr livereload cli tool

resistance a flow controller

simple-class John Resig's simple inheritance class

simple-guid a really simple guid generator

stackshots A command line interface to get screenshots from BrowserStack's Screenshot API

stalk cli/lib for watching directories for changes

str.js a simple string helper library

strf string formater

supermodel A model/collection library for node and browser

thrive A base class that gives you event proxy, inheritance and object arguments

urlmap Named routing library

ziplock a basic cache library for node and browser

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