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async-emitter Non-blocking event emitter

bencode Bencode de/encoder

calltrace Capture function calls and verbose stacktraces

chs Cylinder-Head-Sector Address (CHS)

client-oauth OAuth client library

derive Multiple inheritance (well, sort of)

disk A node library for reading [GUID Partition Tables], [Master Boot Records] and [Volume Boot Records] raw & straight from the disk.

disk-fs Disk File System ================ [![NPM version](](

dkim DomainKeys Identified Mail

envelope Mail >> Object

fabl File Abstraction Layer

gpt GUID Partition Table (GPT)

gulp-rm gulp-rm =======

iconv-wrap Node.js iconv child process wrapper

mbr Master Boot Record (MBR)

mime-lib MIME related utility functions

rng Collection of seedable Pseudorandom Number Generators

satcat SATCAT (Satellite Catalogue) Format

smtp-reply Parse and create SMTP Replies

speech Speech / Language tools

tle Two-line element set (TLE) data format

vcf Parse and construct vCards

vhd Microsoft's Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Format

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