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calabash Calabash offsers a shortcut for bash command-lines

cirru-color cirru highlighting as HTML

cirru-editor Structured editor for Cirru grammar

cirru-html convert Cirru to HTML

cirru-interpreter a interpreter for Cirru language

cirru-json Convert between Cirru and JSON

cirru-mustache convert Cirru to Mustache and HTML

cirru-parser Parser for Cirru Grammer

cirru-shell Cirru's Shell for fun

cirru-writer Convert JSON representation to Cirru code

coffee-boots Coffee-boots: watch and compile CoffeeScript code

coffee-pattern coffee-pattern: write pattern matching in CoffeeScript syntax

compact-json Print JSON more compact

devtools-reloader-station Devtools reloader station

doodle Doodle: watch JS files and reload pages via websocket

doodle-boots auto reload websocket emitter based on Rain-boots

dual-balanced-ternary Dual Balanced Ternary Calculator

flower-mud a simple cli tool to serve HTML projects

goose Goose is a command which adds brackets for golang

grunt-deploy-with-md5 copy files for CDN and update the time stamps

grunt-usemin-slashes (This a tmp fork of) Grunt task replaces references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets into a set of HTML files (or any templates/views).

guil add brackets for sheme code

json2page convert JSON to html

lilyturf a HMLT/CSS generator in CoffeeScript

live-tmpl a template engine based on LiveScript

log-group use a group to manager logs

node-zephyros-callback Zephyros Node binding, but simplified

proto-events eventemitter based on proto-scope

proto-scope Writes objects without `class`, but in the prototype way.

proto-task-wait-done simple proto-based event handler, wait events and do task

rain-boots A Bash arguments wrapper for Node cli

reload-cli watch file and reload a command on file reload

scaffold-boots Scaffold-Boots is a scaffold tool for rain-boots

scirpus Generate JavaScript from Cirru Grammer

she add brackets for sheme code

talk-highlight convert text to HTML for forums

twojs-browserify A browserified two-dimensional drawing api meant for modern browsers.

willow light-weight markup language

ws-json ws-json adds a little abstraction to websocket

ws-json-server ws-json adds a little abstraction to websocket

zepto-browserify Shim repository for the Zepto.js JavaScript library for Browserify

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