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abs-svg-path redefine an svg path with absolute coordinates

alias-property create robust aliases for an object's properties

b Benchmarks for Node.js.

balance-svg-paths balance svg paths

big-executable inline a modules dependencies to reduce startup IO

bigfile Turn a mapping of modules into a browser suitable package

buildfresh Runs a command then reloads your browser when files change

component-set add dependencies to component.json

cp-r cp -r for node with no options!

curryable decorate a function so it will curry if not given enough arguments

dir-each higher order function for iterating over files

dom-emitter Manage the events of a DOM element

equals Check if two values are deeply equivalent

fload JavaScript file loader

flowtype keep font-size in proportion with its containers size

fs-equals test pieces of the file system for equality

fsplates a cli tool for rendering project boilerplate

hydro Teeny-weeny test runner for Node.js

hydro-chai Chai.js integration for hydro

hydro-dot Dot formatter for hydro

hydro-focus Run only the first test with 'focus' tag

hydro-formatter Base formatter for hydro

hydro-html html formatter for hydro

hydro-karma-adapter Karma plugin - adapter for Hydro

jkroso-emitter Basic event emitter

jkroso-protocol An object orientated take on protocols

jsmd jsmd ensures that you will never have outdated and non-working JavaScript code in your README files.

laissez-faire A promise class

lift-result lift functions so they can handle Results as if they were plain values

markdown-middleware middleware for serving markdown files as rendered HTML

normalize-svg-path convert all segments in a path to curves

on-crash listen for the next uncaught error x-platform

packin a simple package manager

parse-duration convert a human readable duration string to ms

parse-svg-path svg path parser

prefix prefix a css attribute

progress-svg Circular progress indicator using SVG

read-slice read part of a file

rel-svg-path define a path using only relative points

resolve-module a minimal implementation of the resolve module

result reify your results

result-co turn a generator function back into a normal one

result-core minimal result reification

result-stream a linked list designed for working with [results](

result-type nothing but a Result type

resultify convert node functions to Result returning ones

rm-r Remove all files/directories below a path recursively

runtime-context are we in development or production

serialize-svg-path compile svg path data to DOM compatable strings

serve-js handy development time middleware for projects written in the spirit of the commonjs module system

setter-method getter setter methods without the boilerplate

solicit a declarative http client for node and browser

sourcegraph Sourcegraph takes an entry file and walks its dependency graph recursively to produce a graph data structure. This should make it easy to introspect your project or compile production builds etc..

string-tween generate strings between two endpoint strings

top-most respond to the top most visible DOM element changing

topograph stores a graph of nodes and provides sorting and iteration

tree-each forEach for trees

tryc Async try-catch

unhandled a window into your programs ignorance

untar a simple tar file unpacker

when-all normalize an object/array where some values may be wrapped in Results

winner Compare the items of an array and return the biggest

writefile safer file writing for node

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