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bplist-creator Binary Mac OS X Plist (property list) creator.

bplist-parser Binary plist parser.

chunkmatcher Fast searching for multiple patterns accross multiple data chunks.

cmdparser Command parser with support for completers.

covershot Multi-format, test framework agnostic, code coverage report generator.

db-info Node.js relational database information utility

db-sqlite DEPRICATED, USE:

delegate Creates delegate functions automatically.

dirdiff Directory diff tool.

flight-doc Document Twitter Flight events

gitgui Git GUI written in node.js

java Bridge API to connect with existing Java APIs.

kicad2svg Converts KiCad files to SVGs

mnm Make Node Module is a build tool for making native node.js modules.

nit Text file based issue tracker.

node-jsmeter Fork of jsmeter by Noah Peters

nodeshark Wrapper around libwireshark providing network packet dissection

openport Finds open network ports.

oracle Oracle database driver

over JavaScript function overloading framework.

persist Node.js ORM framework supporting various relational databases

portaudio Node bindings for PortAudio

pullstream A stream you can pull data from.

readline-browserify Readline implementation for browserify.

redis-commander Redis web-based management tool written in node.js

redis-web Connect middleware to proxy redis commands and pub/sub to a browser.

serialport2 node.js serial port driver.

sf String formatting library for node.js

sos-device Siren of Shame driver.

stale Checks git for commits after a npm release version.

tshark Node wrapper around WireShark's tshark packet processor

unanet-client Unanet client.

unzip Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream

wxnode node.js wrapper for wxWidgets.

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