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amod amplitude modulator

clonenode deep DOM node clone

closeness test proximal range of number values

color-mix rgba color mixer

compute-style get the computer style property of an HTML element

crush2bits aught-bitcrush simulator

delay-buffer delay buffer

dsp-interface generic, socketed HTML5 interface for digital signal processing with sliders and exponents

fakefix turn absolute elements into fixed ones, relatively (not actually)

famous a new kind of web framework, for a new kind of person

film module for browser webcam/mic

find-pos returns the absolute position of an HTML element

flat-radio-field flat ui radio select field builder

frequencies returns a static object of arrays of musical frequenices

getids return an object with all your elements, where each key is the element's id

gridlayer makes an array of arrays matrix out of x,y values

iframarfi launch an iframe that can require() in the browser with browserify

jbuffers A fork of module 'buffers', by Substack. Works with TypedArrays. Treat a collection of Buffers/TypedArrays as a single contiguous partially mutable Buffer.

jdelay a delay function for DPS / audio

jmao JS to ArrayBuffer to JS

jmod audio / dsp enveloping with some added features

jsynth write audio with javascript functions in the browser

jsynth-file-sample test audioBufferSource node for web audio API

jsynth-mic Web Audio Mic/Line-in node from getUserMedia

jsynth-midi time based function for reading events from midi files

jsynth-sync syncopator for audio scripting

jsynth-waveform draws waveforms to canvas

jtype measures word and font widths and heights

jynth chainable synth with smattering of effects

midi-file-parser npm port of jasmid, a midi file parser

mouse-around mouse hover event for elements

normalize-time normalizer for time values, given a start time and duration

nota-bene partial clone of Node's fs module (including streams) for the browser File System API

numerical gives yr numbers math helpers

nvelope enveloping for audio and time domain DSP

offsetter offset coordinate system

opa command line server + browserify

oscillators the finest javascript oscillators

parametrical instant front end for your functions

sesame-stream the instant noodle of stream types

set-it-off 4 quadrant position for HTML Elements

shazaam SHAZAAM

since-when timing functions using process.hrtime

sloop loop over buffer slices

sortof sort lists of objects by date strings

syncopation syncopation for time based DSP

t-dex draws a timeline with arbitrary intervals to html canvas

touchdown events for mouse and touch in one

troloop test audioBufferSource node for web audio API

uxer library of user interaction modules, under construction

uxer-flat-dial a flat dial / knob / spin event for touch and mouse

uxer-show HTML slider logic

webaudio write audio streams with javascript functions in the browser

work-slave turn string into html5 web workers

wowmany count up the total download count of an authors modules over the previous $n days

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