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channels Event channels in node.js

ed_stress Creates fake load on an Etherdraw drawing

ep_aa_file_menu_toolbar File / Menu style toolbar

ep_align Add Left/Center/Right/Justify to lines of text in a pad

ep_author_hover Adds author names to span titles (shows on hover), works as authors change their name. Hover includes author color and fast switching between author spans. Hat tip to Martyn York for the initial work on this.

ep_button_link Adds a button to the toolbar that links out to a new window

ep_chat_always_on_screen_and_tokbox_link Chat on screen and link to tokbox based on URL param

ep_clear_authorship_no_prompt Supresses the clear authorship prompt

ep_clear_formatting Clear formatting on a selection, this plugin requires the file menu

ep_comments_page Adds comments on sidebar and link it to the text. Support for Page View, requires ep_page_view

ep_copy_paste_images Copy and Paste images from clipboard to a pad

ep_copy_paste_select_all Add support to do Copy Paste and Select All in File menu

ep_cursortrace Show cursor/caret movements of other users in real time

ep_define Define and Research Words

ep_desktop_notifications Recieve chat desktop notifications

ep_disable_change_author_name A plugin to stop users from being able to change their names

ep_disable_error_messages Disable Error messages to clients

ep_disable_reset_authorship_colours Disable The reset authorship colours button

ep_disableChat Disable Chat

ep_drag-and-drop Disable Drag and Drop in Etherpad

ep_draw Really real time Collaborative painting and drawing with Etherpad

ep_email_notifications Subscribe to a pad and receive an email when someone edits your pad

ep_embedmedia Embed media (youtube, vimeo etc)

ep_file_menu_toolbar File / Menu style toolbar

ep_fileupload File upload

ep_fintest A test plugin for Etherpad Lite

ep_font_color Apply colors to fonts

ep_font_family Change the font of some text

ep_font_size Change the font size

ep_googleanalytics Add Google Analytics to Etherpad Lite -- IMPORTANT: Add the following to your settings.json file -- "ep_googleanalytics":{"gaCode":"UA-2387498"}

ep_header_and_footer Set a header and footer on a pad

ep_help_bubbles Help bubbles for Etherpad Lite

ep_hide_line_numbers Don't show line numbers by default

ep_hide_referrer Don't pass the referring URL to third parties. This handles the security/privacy issue where you don't want the third party service to know your pad URL. Improves Privacy.

ep_historicalsearch Search through the history of documents to find when a query/search pattern or string existed

ep_imageconvert Convert and cut images on the fly for download

ep_invite_via_email Invite a user to a pad on Etherpad Lite

ep_irc Adds an embedded Freenode Web chat client and autojoins to #Etherpad and #Etherpad-Lite-Dev channels

ep_line_height Change the line height

ep_list_pads List Pads on the Index Page

ep_loading_message Show a loading helpful message

ep_mammoth Support for improved import of microsoft word doc and docx documents

ep_markdown Edit and Export as Markdown in Etherpad

ep_mathjax Show LaTeX STylee Math formulas powered by Mathjax

ep_mediawiki Edit and Export as mediawiki in Etherpad

ep_metrics Console Logs the Etherpad Stats / Metrics

ep_monospace_default Make the font default to Monospace in Etherpad Lite

ep_offline_edit View your pad data even if you are disconnected from the Internets

ep_pad_activity_nofication_in_title * in pad title when an edit event has happened that you might not have seen

ep_page_ruler Adds a ruler to the page so editors can indent lines. Click Settings -> Page Ruler to see the ruler

ep_page_view Add support to do 'page view', with a toggle on/off option in Settings, also Page Breaks with Control Enter

ep_previewimages Image previewer, paste the URL or an image or upload an image using ep_fileupload

ep_print Support for printing, works cross browser, supports page breaks

ep_prompt_for_name Prompt an author for their name

ep_public_view USE THIS PLUGIN WITH CAUTION. This plugin will help make content indexable by evil search engines and the hordes of social networks waiting to suckle on the bussum of your content. This plugin Allows search engines to get pad text contents, use with robots override plugin for publicly indexable pads .. This plugin supercedes ep_text_content_in_noscripts_tag

ep_real_time_chat Real time chat updates

ep_rewrite_share_paths Rewrite share path to current URL /p/ to / for non read only and do a str.replace for read only pads -- Useful for people doing reverse proxying, team & pro pads

ep_right_to_left Make the text inside a Pad and Chat go from right to left

ep_rss Get an RSS feed of pad updates

ep_rtc Video and audio chat without plugins powered by WebRTC -- Works in Firefox, Chrome and Chrome Frame

ep_scrollto Scroll to a specific line number based on a parameter of lineNumber in the URL IE -- Users can click on the line number to get a link

ep_search Search through all pads for a string

ep_set_title_on_pad Set the title on a pad in Etherpad, also includes real time updates to the UI

ep_show_whitespace Show trailing whitespace

ep_sketchspace Drawing and image annotation

ep_slideshow Uses headings to create real time slideshows of Etherpad documents

ep_sociallinks Social links for Etherpad Lite

ep_special_characters Insert special characters into a pad

ep_spellcheck Add support to do 'Spell checking', with a toggle on/off option in Settings

ep_stats See pad Stats in Etherpad

ep_stats_uci See pad Stats in Etherpad - inc support for summary, commentary, evidence and synthesis

ep_sticky_attributes Add support to for attributes to stick on the caret position IE pressing bold button then typing creates bold text or hitting control b then typing creates bold text. Works for underline, italic, bold

ep_stop_writing Tell pad users to stop writing

ep_subscript Add support for Subscript

ep_superscript Add support for Superscript

ep_table_of_contents View a table of contents for your pad

ep_tasklist Task list in Etherpad

ep_text_to_speech Text to Speech functionality, play back a pads contents or a selection of a pad through your headphones / speakers

ep_themes Change the themes, styles & colors of different parts of Etherpad Lite

ep_timesliderdiff See a diff view showing the changes between the latest pad and a revision

ep_tokbox Video conferencing and video chat in your Etherpad Lite pads powered by tokbox -- IMPORTANT: Add the following to your settings.json file -- 'ep_tokbox':{'key':'YOUR TOKBOX KEY HERE','onByDefault':'false'}

ep_twitter_links Adds twitter links to Etherpad lite. To create twitter links use @example style formatting

ep_visual_slider A visual slider for your pad

ep_wrap Option to disable line wrapping

ueberDB transform every database into a object key value store

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