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arity-constructor A utility for construction objects with runtime arity

cascadia oppinionated cascading static config loader

cashed An in memory HTTP file serving cache that compresses once and serves many times

directory-stream A stream based directory scanner

eps The EPS framework

existence A monadic wrapper for dealing with existence

extend-stream A stream that extends JSON objects with JSON objects

fact Templates as data

functional-compose Functional composition

functional-form Functional form validators

functional-validation The validation monad

header Well typed headers for javascript

indigenous A specification for converting to native objects

ipc-stream A stream wrapper around IPC channels from forked instances

lver-cmp Compare your modules against their latest version

mock-http-response A mock HTTP response object for testing and profit

monoid-average An implementation of the average monoid

monoid-consistent-hash An implementation of consistent hashing as a monoid

monoid-map An map as a monoid

monoid-max An implementation of the max monoid

monoid-min An implementation of the min monoid

monoid-std-deviation An implementation of the standard deviation monoid

node-to-prescription A wrapper for converting async node functions to prescription FRP observables

operable A utility for handling operability

pass-error Continuation based error passing

prescription A functional reactive programming framework

prescription-dns A DNS wrapper for Prescription the FRP framework

prescription-events ERROR: No file found!

prescription-http-server A http wrapper for Prescription the FRP library

prescription-net A net wrapper for Prescription the FRP library

prescription-stream Prescription Stream =================== This is a utility library for converting node.js style streams to Prescription FRP `Observable`'s

require-stream A stream that requires modules

responses Well typed http responses for javascript

ring-middleware A utility for wiring together ring spec middleware

role-call A destributed eventually consistent service roster

rx-config An Rx based config

rx-directory An Rx based directory utility

rx-http-server An Rx based http server wrapper

rx-map An Rx based map

rx-request-handler An Rx based http request handler with simple middleware

rx-router An Rx based http router

rx-service-manager An Rx based service manager

stream-connector A remote stream coordinator

switches A distributed system for on/off switches

UnderscoreKit A port of Haskell's standard prelude to Javascript

warpgate A sharded push oriented key value store

zookeeper apache zookeeper client (zookeeper async API >= 3.4.0)

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