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all-match Check if a querystring's words each match at least one field.

and P2P Team chat & todo solution

array-filter Array#filter for older browsers.

array-parallel Call an array of asynchronous functions in parallel

array-series Call an array of asynchronous functions in series

ask-for Node.js readline utility

async-debounce Debounce asynchronous functions

audio-context A WebAudio Context singleton

authoritee Authoritative models for scuttlebutt meshes

backer Distributed backup / file mirroring tool

balanced-match Match balanced character pairs, like "{" and "}"

barse Binary parser with a fluent api

block .replace('{{block}}', string)

brace-expansion Brace expansion as known from sh/bash

brash Browser-only terminal.

browser-editor-test This is what it is about

browser-run Transform stream that executes JavaScript it receives in a real browser and outputs console output

browser-sanitize-html Sanitize html, for browser environments

browser-split Cross browser String#split implementation

browserify-cached A production cache for browserify.

builder-autoprefixer autoprefixer plugin for component-builder2.js

builder-coffee-script coffee-script plugin for component-builder2

builder-html-minifier html minifier plugin for component-builder2.js

builder-jade Jade plugin for component-builder

builder-regenerator Facebook's regenerator plugin for component-builder2

builtins List of node.js builtin modules

bump-manifest Bump an appcache manifest's timestamp to recache contents

bus Application-wide event bus

client-router Single page app router.

co-cat Concatenate co generator streams

co-each Parallel forEach for generators

co-from-stream Create a co generator stream from a node stream

co-lazy Lazily create co streams

co-level levelup wrappers for 'co'

co-map Map a co generator stream with a functions

co-process Concurrent producer/consumer processing for co

co-queue A FIFO queue for co

co-read Consume a readable stream generator-style

co-respond Respond to HTTP requests with co streams

co-sse Server-Sent Events generator stream

co-stream-map Map streams over streams

co-template Streaming templates for co

co-wait setTimeout generator style

co-write Write to streams, respecting backpressure

code-to-test-ratio Get the code-to-test ratio of any project!

collect-stream Collect a readable stream's output and errors

colony-server colony server

comma S{t,c}reaming fast CSV parser

comparator Generate comparator functions with deep object access support

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-builder builder for component

component-builder2 builder for component

component-bundler bundlers and bundling guide for component

component-classes Cross-browser element class list

component-clipboard Clipboard API wrapper

component-clone Object clone supporting `date`, `regexp`, `array` and `object` types.

component-crawler registry that crawls github users

component-delegate Event delegation component

component-domify turn HTML into DOM elements

component-downloader download components from a remote

component-drop drag and drop file uploading with a single drop event

component-each Array / object / string iteration utility

component-emitter Event emitter

component-event Event binding component

component-events Higher level dom event management with direct and delegate event handling support.

component-file File & FileReader wrappers

component-flatten flatten a resolved component tree

component-indexof Microsoft sucks

component-inject-at-cursor inject a string or dom node at the cursor

component-installer Component install tool

component-matches-selector Check if an element matches a given selector

component-normalized-upload Normalized DataTransfer items for less upload item handling pain

component-package Component package

component-props Parse immediate identifiers from a js expression

component-query Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

component-raf request animation frame

component-require2 component require implementation

component-resolver resolve local and remote dependencies

component-reverse unicode-aware string reversal

component-sort Sort DOM elements

component-truncate String truncation utility ...

component-type Cross-browser type assertions (less broken typeof)

component-validator validate and normalize component.jsons

component-watcher build watching utility for component

component-xor tiny xor utility function

confirmation-component Confirmation component

confirmation-popover-component Popover component

connect-cookies cookies and keygrip based cookie middleware

constants-browserify node's constants module for the browser

container-el Container element.

contre Continuously release git repos into github-style directories

count-stream Count the chunks a readable stream emits.

create-element HTML element string creator

data-url-canvas Convert data urls to canvas and vice versa.

deep-access Access nested object properties via strings

deferred-open Make methods wait for async constructors.

deferred-stream A deferred stream, useful for async operations.

dependants-stream Get dependants of a module on npm

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