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jsgui-lang-essentials jsgui - Small and powerful utility module, used by other jsgui modules.

jsgui-node-file-checksum Jsgui Module - gets a checksum from a file

jsgui-node-file-metadata Reads metadata from files

jsgui-node-fs2-core jsgui - Image module. Load, save, access metadata.

jsgui-node-image jsgui - Image module. Load, save, access metadata.

jsgui-node-imgconvert Converts images using JavaScript code where available, has a command-line interface.

jsgui-node-pixel-buffer jsgui - Simple pixel buffer for node.js. Supports rgb 24 bits per pixel and rgba 32 bits per pixel. Has get_pixel and set_pixel interface.

jsgui-node-png jsgui - PNG module. Load, save, use scanline filters, supports 32bpp rgba, 24bpp rgb, and 1, 2, 4 and 8 bpp indexed color. Optimizes the selection of scanline filters when saving.

jsgui-node-png-metadata Reads metadata from PNG files

jsgui-node-render-svg Renders SVGs using PhantomJS, has a callback

jsgui-node-sprite Efficiently creates sprites

jsgui-sprite-arrange Efficiently arranges sprites

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