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commitplease Validates strings as commit messages jQuery UI DownloadBuilder & ThemeRoller backend and frontend application.

esformatter ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter

globalize New age globalization and localization. Formats and parses strings, dates and numbers in over 350 cultures.

grunt-check-modules Grunt plugin for checking that all node_modules are installed and up-to-date.

grunt-contrib-csslint Lint CSS files.

grunt-contrib-cssmin Compress CSS files.

grunt-contrib-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance.

grunt-css Grunt plugin for linting and minifying CSS

grunt-esformatter Format JavaScript files.

grunt-html Grunt plugin for html validation, using vnu.jar for the actual validation

grunt-jquery-content A collection of tasks for building the jQuery websites

grunt-lib-phantomjs Grunt and PhantomJS, sitting in a tree.

grunt-requirejs-jzaefferer Using requirejs and almond with grunt

highlight.js-jzaefferer Syntax highlighting with language autodetection.

qunitjs An easy-to-use JavaScript Unit Testing framework.

testswarm Nodejs module for interacting with TestSwarm

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