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ambassador Ambassador provides a way to communicate between node.js processes.


argv-parser Argv-parser is a small and simple node.js module to parser `process.argv`.

asks Asks is a node.js wrapper for read(1).

booker An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

checker Checker is the collection of common abstract methods for validatiors and setters.

clean clean parses and santitize argv or options for node, supporting fully extendable types, shorthands, validatiors and setters.

code-this Code-this is node.js module that converts JavaScript variables into source codes. Unlike `JSON.stringify`, code-this also deals with reference(object) types of variables.

color-diff Implemets the CIEDE2000 color difference algorithm, conversion between RGB and LAB color and mapping all colors in palette X to the closest color in palette Y based on the CIEDE2000 difference.

comfort Comfort is a much better node.js commander solution for sub commands.

components Upstage component library.

cortex Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

cortex-canary Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

cortex-profile Cortex profile manager.

cortex-search Cortex plugin to search a package from registry by keywords or name.

cortex-test-package Cortex package for testing.

couch-db couchdb client for node, with specific apis

ctx-old Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation

deferrer Deferrer is a fast promise-object generator.

document Create your document site with just one command.

fs-expand An extended fs glob

fs-sync synchronous fs with more fun

grunt-cortex-neuron-build Build cmd module to neuron wrapped module

grunt-tube Install grunt tasks once and once is annoying.

hashstate Location hash manager for the web inspired by YUI3

hum Hum, hum could run grunt inside a specified cwd and search tasks from the given paths.

ignore Ignore is a manager and filter for .gitignore rules.

jshintrc Common configuration of jshint for product environment.

lockup Lockup uses a certain lock file to queue and deal with inter-process asynchronous resources.

loggie An easy-to-use but powerful node.js command-line logger

modified Modified is a simple request client to deal with http local caches.

multi-profile Multi-profile is a module to manage global configurations for multiple profiles.

multi-watcher Multi-watcher is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

mysql-wrapper Mysql-wrapper is a wrapper of node-mysql to improve fault tolerance, including enhanced query generator and data escaping powered by typo template engine

neocortex A provider for dependency analytics and combo strategy

neocortex-sync A provider for dependency analytics and combo strategy

neuron-builder Wrap commonjs module/1.0 javascript files for [cortex](

neuronjs Neuron is a very simple [CommonJS]( module loader.

neuropil europil is a lighter and faster registry client for couchdb based npm server

npm-dir Utility method to get global npm.dir

ocr Optical character recognition for node.js

ograph Print the structure graph of an JavaScript object.

peep Peep is a smart wrapper which is lighter and faster, uses as less fs.FSWatchers as possible, and could prevent duplicate watching.

quit Quit is a replacement for event 'exit' to make sure the event will not be skipped by uncaughtException.

ragdoll RADDOLL ----

replier replier

spawns Spawns could run a list of commands or piped commands.

stare Stare is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

stares Stares is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

tour Trie-based URL Routing

trait Trait is a smart attribute manager. Not traits in ruby, just because good names are already taken and even not used.

typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.

typo-ascii Typo-ascii is a typo plugin to draw ascii art of several kinds of styles in CLI.

typo-image Typo-image is an ANSI image plugin for typo - draw images into command-line (CLI)!

typo-rgb The [typo]( plugin to output full 8-bit colors (256 RGB colors) in command-line (CLI)!

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