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connect-jugglingdb JugglingDB session store for Connect

connect-orm orm session store for Connect

cubism-browser cubism npm package for browsers

d3-browser d3 npm package for browsers

express-notemplate Express view engine, merges data into DOM using plain JS

fullcalendar-browser fullcalendar npm package (for browser, not for node).

jquery-browser jquery npm package for browsers

jquery-if-browser jquery-if for browsers

jqueryui-browser jqueryui npm package for browsers

jqueryui-timepicker-browser jqueryui timepicker addon for datepicker

jquip-jsdom Stripped-down jQuery manipulation and traversal for JSDOM

marked-man wrapper adding manpage output to 'marked', inspired by 'ronn'

normalize.css-browser normalize.css npm package for browsers

notemplate-archive Archive a returned view with its assets in tar.gz - middleware for express-notemplate view engine

notemplate-minify Minify js and css - middleware for express-notemplate view engine

nouislider-browser npm package for nouislider

rangy-browser A cross-browser DOM range and selection library

rickshaw-browser rickshaw npm package for browsers

ronn markdown to roff and html converter

select2-browser A jQuery based replacement for select boxes.

semantic-browser semantic npm package for browsers

webslave Build document on webkit agent and retrieve the html string

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