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angular-templates-brunch Wrap templates in an AngularJS module for Brunch.IO

docco-brunch Adds DOCCO support to brunch.

docker-brunch Adds Docker support to brunch

graphael npm package of g.raphael

grunt-brunch Grunt Brunch wrapper

multiple-inheritance Multiple inheritance and sensible merging of objects

ng-templates-brunch Wrap templates in an AngularJS module for Brunch.IO

noflo-adapters Packet Format Conversion for NoFlo

noflo-automaton Automate navigation on the web based on Casper.js

noflo-cache Packet Caching for NoFlo

noflo-compare Performing Comparisons in NoFlo

noflo-core NoFlo Essentials

noflo-crypto Wrapper around googlecode's crypto-js

noflo-flow Flow Control for NoFlo

noflo-groups Group Utilities for NoFlo

noflo-handyman Handy tools for debugging in NoFlo

noflo-kinvey Wrapper around Kinvey NPM library

noflo-lift Lift Packets for Processing in NoFlo

noflo-manipulate Advanced manipulation of objects, packets, and groups in NoFlo

noflo-objects Object Utilities for NoFlo

noflo-packets Packet Utilities for NoFlo

noflo-passport Wrapper around Passport.js

noflo-pg PostgreSQL using node-postgres for NoFlo

noflo-pgorm PostgreSQL ORM on top of noflo-pg

noflo-promise Promises/A+ handling in NoFlo

noflo-routers Routing Packets in NoFlo

noflo-semanticsthree Wrapper around Semantics3/semantics3-node

noflo-strings String Utilities for NoFlo

noflo-swiss Swiss Army Knife for NoFlo Programming

noflo-transparency Wrapper around Transparency template engine

noflo-twilio Wrapper around the twilio API

noflo-underscore Underscore.js Utilities as NoFlo Components

noflo-woute Routing web requests based on the request's URL

nohoarder One-off libraries for NoFlo components

uuid-time-uri Create a short URI based on UUID and current time

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