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adform A node-module to integrate with the adform api (

async-replace Run replace on a string and update it asynchronous

bunyan-serializers A few customized serializers for the bunyan logging framework

child-killer Wrap node's child_process library, making sure that the spawned processes dies as the master dies

create-objects Create objects from arrays of arrays

css2json Parse css to json.

dateselect Dateselect is a time-based job scheduler (like cron). The syntax is built on CSS-like selectors, so it's easy to use while still being powerfull.

drapper Very minimal but opinionated director wrapper

github-from-html Find the github user & repo from a html-string with the "Fork me on GitHub"-badge

github-licence Get the licence of a github-project

headless Headless is a Node.js wrapper for Xvfb, the virtual framebuffer

html-nav Create a JSON-tree based on header-elements (e.g h1) to be used in navigation

identify-licence Identify a license from text. Extracted from

inspector Node.js binding for WebKit Inspector API

invert-object Invert a javascript object so that keys are values and values are keys

jsonmark Parse markdown to a very simple json-format that can then be stringified back to markdown

leaky Error when a variable leak to the global scope

leftover Call callbacks a couple of times and return with the last data

level-cbatch A chainable api for batch() in levelup

level-namespace namespaces for levelup

level-populate A simple way to populate a level-database Do interesting things with your local

metalsmith-brucedown A Metalsmith plugin to convert markdown files.

minmax calculate the minimum and maximum value

mit Create the MIT-licence

mysqldown An drop-in replacement for LevelDOWN that works in mysql

readme-init A simple tool to automagically create and update a file

readout A simple tool to automagically create and update a file

redriak A client that stores data in both Riak and Redis. A port of Mikeal's redcouch (

remove-unprintable Return a new string with all unprintable characters removed

reservoir-stream A streaming interface to reservoir sampling

resourceful-riak Riak engine to the resourceful model framework

rolling-checksum Caclulate a checksum (adler-32) rolling

s3upload An opinionated application to upload a folder to a s3 bucket.

simhash Calculate the simhash value for a list of tokens

snappy Nodejs bindings to Google's Snappy compression library

snappy.js A implementation of the snappy-algorithm

sort-json Takes a json-file and return a copy of the same file, but sorted

statemachine beep boop

tako-gzip gzip for tako

unique-ids Transform html so that all ids are unique

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