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algorithmic Algorithms & data structures

benchit Really simple code benchmarking library for nodejs/coffeescript

coffee-css More CSS for CoffeeScript

coffee-new A utility to create & manage CoffeeScript projects

coffee-revup Runs your CoffeeScript and restarts if changes are detected - useful for development

coffee-world Watches the current folder to compile CoffeeScript into CSS, HTML & JS

copy-file Copies a file

dir-watcher A nodejs library that continuously watches for file changes in specified directories and their subdirectories

livereloaded LiveReload server

overlord Watches your files like a hawk and then eats them for lunch

php-autotest A utility to watch PHP files and run tests as they change

promqueen Really simple promises library

setup-coffee-library A utility to create CoffeeScript library projects that integrate with Github, Travis CI & mocha out of the box

setup-node-project Creates a node project directory

setup-php-project Creates a PHP project directory

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