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array-events Events and more for arrays

ascii-art A package for ansi codes, figlet fonts, and ascii art

async-arrays Async control for arrays

async-objects Async control for objects

bit-mask A utility for manipulating bit masks

bitshifter A utility for bitshifting strings

bruiser A global browser for node.js that fools isolated js/jquery scripts into thinking they're running in the browser

card-swipe A utility for detecting CC track inputs from streaming character data and extracting data from them

extended-emitter An emitter with expanded utility, UMD with dependencies for node and the browser

index-compressor A utility for compressing arrays of objects containing many repeated values.

indexed-set Set Manipulation for ordered sets

lies Because, sometimes, you have no intention of keeping that promise.

live-templates Bind your templates directly to models, and get lives updates for free with no boilerplate.

npm-trospect Introspection for NPM packages in an unknown, but discoverable, location.

object-events Events and more for objects

prime-ext Just a few utility functions for use with prime

protean-test Radically simple zscore based AB testing

proto-less A macro library for less, used by protolus

protolus The rollup of Protolus (an MV* Framework) which imposes layout and structural standards

protolus-application A thin wrapper for web delivery with protolus

protolus-data A multi source ORM supporting normalized queries across many instances of datasources

protolus-resource a CommonJS based server-side resource delivery mechanism with client side shim

protolus-router a lightweight URL router supporting a wide variety of usage patterns

protolus-templates A Smarty-like, pluggable, view controlled template framework+language to enable MV* applications

requirejs-manifest-builder A utility for mapping a set of UMD NPMs into a requirejs config file

strip-mine A scraping toolkit with normalized syntax for scrape engines, range iteration, distributed processing, caching and memory isolation.

tag-parser A utility for parsing text markup

tag-template A utility for template parsing and rendering. Implementations for Smarty, Handlebars and UBB. Easy to extend.

veritech A lightweight MVC using director + handlebars with optional resource delivery

where-parser A utility for parsing SQL where clauses

xbox-live A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data, supporting multiple sources

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