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capsulate Better JavaScript Object validation and management for servers.

cm-engine Content management redefined.

couchdb_raw An HTTP library specifically for CouchDB.

crystal_constants A little JavaScript / CoffeeScript utility class for frozen 'constant' objects.

dev_proxy An HTTP proxy specifically designed to speed local development of web applications running from other environments (like Rails).

enginemill Making it easier to build awesome stuff on the web.

enginemill-db A database abstraction layer.

filepath A little utility interface for working with the filesystem in Node.js.

iou A JavaScript promise API.

logroll file rotating Node.js stream

mrcoffee Load and Build JavaScript and CoffeeScript modules for the browser

proctools Tools for running and managing processes

q-smsified Q API for REST service

telegram Publish Subscribe (pubsub) over TCP

test-tools Toolkit and utilities for automated testing in Node.js

treadmill Automated testing for JavaScript and CoffeeScript

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