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ansi-stripper Strip ansi color codes from a string

balloon A node.js module for sending beautiful emails using jade for templates.

bootslide Builds an iphone type menu

bounding-box Determines the bounding box of some object.

browser-inception Views that stack like OS X time machine.

bubbles Show response times as bubbles!

cluster-junction Start and monitor a cluster of processes

cold-sweat Massage csv data into a specific json format

frequency Turn text frequencies into something useful

image-vogue Image cropper

magellan Explores components looking for a connected path

moment.twitter Twitter-lioke Date Formatter

nano-slider A basic html slider component

node-itunes-rss-data Tracks itunes rss feed data. — Edit

node-stream-cache Stream things into a redis cache

node-tweet-stream A twitter module to hook into the public filter streaming, seamlessly updating the tracking keywords.

passport-appfigures App figures authentication strategy for Passport.

pyramid Stacks objects based their area, bigger at the base, smaller at the top

redshed A scheduler system backed by redis

sensu-tweet-broadcaster Sensu plugin for monitor tracking keywords — Edit

twitter-search-terms Extract twitter search terms

weatherman Node weather client

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