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asap High-priority task queue for Node.js and browsers

collections data structures with idiomatic JavaScript collection interfaces

domenic Normalizes the interface for a DOM parsing between browsers and Node.js

dr A CommonJS module dependency analyzer for Montage

es5-shim ECMAScript 5 compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines

frb Functional reactive bindings

fs-boot Pure JavaScript implementation of common file-system API components

iterator JavaScript iterator tools.

jaque Q HTTP Begin-, Middle-, and End-wares

jasminum A light, modular, promissory, isomorphic Jasmine test scaffold clone

joey A Sinatra-like web server configuration language for JavaScript, built on Q, Q-IO, and JSGI.

mimeparse Basic functions for handling mime-types.

montage Build your next application with a browser based platform that really gets the web.

mop Optimizes Montage applications for production by minifying, to reduce file size, and creating bundles, to reduce the number of requests.

mr A refresh-only CommonJS module system for browsers, used in Montage

mr-coffee CoffeeScript support for MontageJS’s Mr, Mrs, and Mop module system


q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)

q-comm Q-Comm has been renamed Q-Connection

q-connection An inter-worker asynchronous promise communication system.

q-fs Q Promise wrappers for Node's file system.

q-http Q promise based HTTP client and server interface

q-io IO using Q promises

q-io-buffer Q-IO Buffer

q-require (out-of-service) asynchronous CommonJS require module loader for Node and browsers

qq Out of service - A heavy-weight library for promises, based on Q

ses **:warning: This is not an official, working packaging of Google Caja’s SES. This is a project attempting to bring SES to Node.js but will probably not be viable until Node.js 0.12 at least.**

shuriken an accelerated graphics framework

tengwar This is a Tengwar transcriber suitable for transcribing Sindarin Elvish from a phonetic encoding of the Latin alphabet, to the General Use mode of the Tengwar. It is written in JavaScript and is suitable for use as:

tengwar-editor ERROR: No file found!

transcode (out of service) character set encoders and decoders, built on libiconv

url2 Node's URL module plus relative pathing

weak-map A WeakMap shim for Node.js and browsers

zip An implementation of unzip for JavaScript

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