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generator-kevoree A Kevoree project generator for Yeoman

grunt-deps-manager Manage project dependencies version

grunt-kevoree Automatically runs kevoree runtime (works like mvn kev:run plugin)

grunt-kevoree-genmodel Generates a Kevoree model by parsing current Kevoree-entity module project

grunt-publish Automatically publish to NPM registry one or more modules

grunt-templato Overall project template management using Grunt

kevoree-browser-runtime Kevoree Browser Runtime

kevoree-browser-runtime-server Kevoree Browser Runtime - Web Services

kevoree-chan-local Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-chan-remotews Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-chan-stompserver Default README generated by ```generator-kevoree```, a ```yo``` generator for __kevoree-js__

kevoree-commons Kevoree Commons - Shared libraries/APIs

kevoree-comp-helloworld A Kevoree component that displays an hello world

kevoree-core Kevoree Core

kevoree-entities Kevoree Entities - Set of abstract Kevoree entities (group, node, channel, component)

kevoree-gen-model Kevoree Generate Model Tool - Generates a Kevoree model from a kevoree-entity like module

kevoree-group-websocket A Kevoree group that uses WebSocket to transfer models

kevoree-kevscript Kevoree KevScript module - contains parser, interpreter and grammar

kevoree-kotlin Kotlin as an npm module

kevoree-library Kevoree Library - Generated with KMF and Kotlin JS Compiler

kevoree-merger Command-line tool that helps merging XMI or Json models together and generate a merged JSON model

kevoree-model-sync Kevoree Model Sync - helper functions to bootstrap (with NPM) group types in order to call push() and pull()

kevoree-node-javascript A Kevoree platform to run Javascript code

kevoree-resolvers Standard Kevoree Javascript resolvers

kevoree-web-editor Kevoree Web Editor - Static Web Client

kevoree-web-editor-server ## Get started

npmi Gives a simplier API to npm install (programatically installs stuffs)

smart-socket Give an array of address to smart-socket and it will try to connect to each one in series and stop on first success or loop if they all failed

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