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adb-cmd wrapper for adb commands

amqpworkers amqpworkers

aws-sdk-promise Hack for adding the .promise() method to all aws-sdk request objects (aws-sdk is a peerDependency)

azure-sas Azure Shared Access Signature generation.

b2g-scripts B2G/Gaia Helper Scripts

bugzilla-fixtures Bugzilla test fixtures

bz Bugzilla REST API wrapper

dependency-groups Convert a list of dependencies into groups

dmg extract files out of .dmg files (OSX only)

docker-services docker-services

dockerode-options Parse docker options out of DOCKER_HOST or Docker in Docker setup

dockerode-process ChildProcess like interface for docker containers

dockerode-promise Dockerode wrapped in promises

file-generator File/Directory Generator inspired by rails generators

getsetmixin Express like get/set mixin (Map) for objects

github-fixtures Github fixtures for tests

http-callback Create unique http endpoints for remote callbacks.

idb-remote Remoting interface for indexeddb

ironmq-promise Promise wrapper for the iron_mq package (which is a peer dependency of this package)

isolated-task-runner Run invidual tasks on a seperate process

json-templater Simple json/js object template strings

json-wire-protocol JSON wire protocol parser/writer (used in mozilla debugger protocol)

log-aggregate-db Append only (log) entity database

mail-fakeservers fake imap/pop3/smtp servers from comm-central

marionette-apps A node library that manages Firefox OS applications through Marionette.

marionette-b2gdesktop-host marionette-js-runner host for b2g-desktop

marionette-client Marionette Javascript Client

marionette-content-script Preloads a given file into all content contexts

marionette-device-host marionette-js-runner host for device (and emulator)

marionette-file-manager A marionette plugin to manage(add, remove) files in device storage.

marionette-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-host-environment Firefox / B2G runtime manager.

marionette-js-logger Realtime host -> desktop logging

marionette-js-runner Utility module for installing an app as preloaded & packaged app

marionette-profile-builder Default profile builder for marionette-js-runner

marionette-settings-api A node library that provides access to MozSettings through Marionette.

match-files Recursive file filtering utils

match-filesv2 Recursive file filtering utils

middleware-object-hooks Object/method based middleware/reduce hooks

mocha-benchmark Hacky mocha + benchmark js integration extracted from ICAL.js

mocha-json-proxy Mocha JSON proxy reporter

mozilla-detect-os Detect the correct OS for your mozilla product

mozilla-download Download firefox/b2g-desktop runtimes

mozilla-extract Extract a mozilla product from .tar.bz2 or .dmg

mozilla-get-url Utility to get the url of a particular version/release of a mozilla product (like firefox/b2g)

mozilla-profile-builder Create profiles for firefox/b2g desktop

mozilla-runner Firefox / B2G runtime manager.

mozilla-treeherder Treeherder client for mozilla's test reporting UI

ngrok-my-server Helper library for publishing http servers or express apps over ngrok

ngrok-services ngrok (tunneling) manager

notamd (Dependancy?) Loader utilities (mostly for browser)

object-factory Build/share/create reusable factories

packaged-webapp Utility module for installing an app as preloaded & packaged app

projstrap Minimal NodeJS Project Bootstrapper oriented around (B|T)DD

proxied-promise-object wrap an object's callback methods with promise returning ones

sinon-expect Expect matchers for sinon

sinon-mocha Automatic restore for spies & mocks for mocha

socket-retry-connect Attempt to connect to socket multiple times

sockit-to-me A synchronous socket API for node.js.

step-object More Object based creation of 'step' functions

superagent-promise superagent promise wrapper

sync-operation Do horrible blocking syncrhonous operations with ease

taskcluster-azure-blobstream taskcluster-azure-blobstream ==================

taskcluster-client mozilla taskcluster client

taskcluster-logserver Real time logging server

taskcluster-logstream Readable stream interface to live logger

taskcluster-task-factory Task test factory

tcptestproxy Proxy to another tcp based server

test-agent execute client side tests from browser report back to cli

testing-github Testing utilities for making actual requests to github

traverse-directory Clone directories using copy/symlink

travis-project-jobs Manage multiple job setups for travis ci builds

web_assets share web assets

xpcwindow xpcshell wrapper that provides 'window' shims to run browser code in xpcom. (WARN: Does not use node)

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