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alfred-workflow Alfred Workflow using NodeJS

basic-workflow-example Basic Alfred Workflow in NodeJS example.

connect-tcp TCP version of SenchaLabs's Connect middleware layer for Node.js

epitech-intranet epitech intranet wrapper

fantomo PhantomJS based bot

freebox-player Freebox player api (remote)

freebox-remote-keyboard Send local keyboard presses to a remote freebox player

freewifi Connection to the FreeWifi network (by the french internet and mobile provider

gitlab GitLab API Nodejs library.

gitlab-issues Gitlab Issues Helper

icecast-admin icecast admin nodejs library

iocat WebSocket netcat with support

leboncoin library

manfred-touron Manfred Touron as an Object

nbd-server A Network Block Device (NBD) server in Nodejs

netsoul netsoul protocol library

onlinenet bot library

slumber Port of Python's slumber library -- A library that makes consuming a RESTful API easier and more convenient

tapas Preconfigured Express environment with multiple modules and helpers

wireless-osx OSX wireless tools wrapper in Node.js. list, view, connect, events

xbmc XBMC api

xbmc-remote-keyboard Send local keyboard presses to a remote XBMC through JSON RPC api

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