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bs Generates a shim for a given browser

buffalo Buffalo is a lightweight BSON and Mongo Wire Protocol library for Node.js

char-split splits an stream on a character (e.g. \n) and emits the strings in between

gulp-watchify integrates watchify with gulp.js

handleify browserify 2 + precompiled client-side handlebars

licensecheck A quick way to see the licenses of modules you depend on—recursively.

listenable listenable is a super simple event emitter intended for the browser

localdeps Checks if everything is up to date

mongolian Mongolian DeadBeef is an awesome Mongo DB node.js driver

nithub Nithub mashes up npm packages to github repositories

polyfill JavaScript polyfills

ractify browserify 2 + precompiled Ractive.js components

router-core A simple low-level parameterized URL router

safestart Checks if everything is up to date

shimmy Generates a shim for a given browser

stylish Stylus middleware for connect

taxman taxman caches values for you

tosource toSource converts JavaScript objects back to source

waiter A simple way to wait for multiple asynchronous calls to return

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