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asereje Asereje is a library that builds your assets on demand

Backbone.Aggregator Provides a collection-like constructor that allows you create aggregators from different collections

backbone.middleware Routers are fine, but sometime you need moar.

backbone.partial-fetch Partial fetcher for backbone

backbone.rel Lightweight relationship assistant for your backbone applications

Backbone.Subset Provides a collection-like constructor that allows you create a collection that is subset from a parent one

botdylan github bot

connect-i18n Accept-language header parser middleware

connect-mongodb mongodb session store for connect

dialect Translations manager for nodejs

dialect-http Backend to manage your dialect translations

express-dialect Pluggable express translation tool.

facebook-js Minimalistic facebook API client

funk Asynchronous functions made funky!

linkedin-js Minimalistic linkedin API client

mongolia Layer on top of the mongodb driver to implement data logic.

paginate-js Paginate whatever you want, client and server side

testosterone Virile testing for http servers or any nodejs application

tldextract Extract domain, subdomain and tld from a url

twitter-js easy peasy twitter client

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