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awesomebox Effortless HTML, CSS, JS development in the flavor of your choice

awesomebox-bower Bower plugin for awesomebox

awesomebox-cli CLI for awesomebox

awesomebox-core Rendering core for awesomebox

awesomebox-layer layer-cake plugin to use awesomebox as a rendering engine

awesomebox-livereload Livereload plugin for awesomebox

awesomebox-mailer Simple mailer using nodemailer, awesomebox, and juice

awesomebox-open awesomebox plugin to open your browser on run or deploy

awesomebox.node Awesomebox API client

axle An effortless HTTP reverse proxy for node

betturl Better URL handling

binify Compile and distribute your node apps as a single binary

bitbucket.node Bitbucket 2.0 API client for node.js

bitly.node Bitly API Client

caboose Rails-ish MVC Framework in Coffeescript

caboose-authentication Caboose plugin to add authentication methods to caboose controllers

caboose-bootstrap Installs bootstrap files into a caboose project

caboose-model Model system around MongoDB

caboose-model-before-action Caboose plugin that adds pre-fab before_action helpers for caboose-model models to controllers

caboose-model-delayed-render Caboose plugin that adds delayed rendering to caboose-model

caboose-redis caboose-redis: a Caboose plugin

caboose-sql SQL models for caboose based on sequelize

commandment Commandline for node.js

configyour Simple directory and file based configuration using json and yaml

coupler Acceptor-Connector Multi-Transport Services

digitalocean.node Digital Ocean API client for node.js

facebook.node Facebook API client

firebase-builder Easily create/configure a Firebase client

firebase-config-layer Firebase config loader for layer-cake

firebase-uptime-layer layer-cake layer to publish system and process stats to firebase

firebase-work Firebase work-queue system

fuck_grunt Does what it's named

github.node Github v3 API client

gopostal.node GoPostal API Client

heroku.node Heroku API client

http-routes-layer layer-cake plugin to use a routes file and well-defined controller structure

keyless Keyless SSO Server

keyless.node Keyless SSO Client

layer-cake A little node.js web framework care of your friends at MongoHQ

longjohn Long stack traces for node.js inspired by

moddl Models please!

moddl-firebase Firebase pseudo-models for moddl

moddl-layer layer-cake plugin for moddl

moddl-mongodb MongoDB models please!

mongodb-shell-layer layer-cake plugin to open a mongodb shell using your layer-cake configuration

packed Binary Buffer parsing and packing that feels a little like C structs

porterjs Reliable queueing system

q-ter Q Stuff

readability.node Readability API Client

redis-builder Easily create/configure a redis client

redis-env-var-layer Redis Environment Variable loader for layer-cake


rest.node Base class to quickly create REST clients

sendwithus.node Sendwithus API client for node.js

sequences Command Line Interface for [awesomebox](

strappy Bootstrapper for node

switchback Command-line library for apps like heroku and jitsu

syncr syncr helps you deal with the details of remote file synchronization

trojan Package your source and dependencies in 1 file for easy distribution

tubing Simple Pipelines

tubing-view View Pipeline

walkabout Path Utility for node.js

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