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aristotle turns your browsers cursor into aristotle the cat if you enter the konami code

auth-socket pluggable authentication API for http, websockets, etc

binary-csv A fast CSV binary data parser written in javascript

binary-split a fast newline (or any delimiter) splitter stream - like require('split') but faster

binary-xhr make binary XHR GETs in modern browsers

bkts launch the Brackets editor from the command line

browser-module-sandbox uses browserify-cdn to run node code in an iframe

browser-request Browser port of the Node.js 'request' package

browserify-cdn [![Build Status](](

byte-stream through stream that buffers streams into batches limited by a cumulative byte size limit

bytewiser a nodeschool workshop that teaches you the fundamentals of working with binary data in node.js and HTML5 browsers

cat-picture makes a cat appear on your web site

collaborator easily add new collaborators to your github repos from the CLI

component-is Simple type checking.

component-type Cross-browser type assertions (less broken typeof)

concat-stream writable stream that concatenates strings or binary data and calls a callback with the result

connections Keeps track of connections to an http server and provides a way to close connections

cool-ascii-faces get some cool ascii faces ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

couch Stupid simple Couch wrapper based on Request

csv-multibuffer-stream Transform stream that accepts raw CSV data and emits the rows as [multibuffers](

csv-spectrum csv test data for writing robust csv parsers

csv-write-stream A CSV encoder stream that produces properly escaped CSVs

csv2html CSV to HTML command line utility

dat real-time replication and versioning for large tabular data sets

dat-geomagnetic Imports Earth magnetic field data values from every minute into dat

dat-google-storage import google storage bucket metadata into dat

dat-oaklandcrime Imports data from into dat

data-table simple html5 json powered data table component

datapackage-json module to manage a package.json for Simple Data Format packages

dir-tar-stream turns a directory tree into a .tar.gz stream

domnode node style streams for the DOM

doorknob add Mozilla Persona user login and LevelDB based session storage to node web apps

dql module/CLI/command line utility for converting sql databases to line delimited json (ldjson) streams

element-class add and remove classes from dom elements

eol-stream detect which type of EOL (AKA line-ending, newline) characters are in a stream

fileliststream Convert a DOM FileList to a FileListStream. Uses a FileReader to read the data of each file as a stream.

filereader-stream Read an HTML5 File object (from e.g. HTML5 drag and drops) as a stream.

fold simple templating library for node and browsers that uses css selectors and plain html

folder-backup Easily pack and extract folders as tarballs, for web servers or local filesystem usage.

fps-touch-controls designed to be used with [player-physics](

geojson-utils GeoJSON Utilities for JavaScript

geojson2rtree generate a static rtree (using terraformer) from a set of geojson features

geolocation-stream streaming API on top of the html5 geolocation API

get-images scrape a page and get an array of all the <a> links to pngs or jpegs

git-command-stats [![NPM](](

git-side-band-message encode strings into the packfile side-band format that git uses. e.g. write messages to stdout of git clone clients

github-oauth simple functions for doing oauth login with github

github.js Get a list of github user repos

googleauth Create and load persistent Google authentication tokens for command-line apps

gput super simple streaming uploads into google drive from the command line

gst live stream vehicle locations from the nextbus API

head-stream Passthrough stream for acting upon the first buffer emitted in a stream. Like the head command of e.g. head and tail, first and rest.

href-router use hrefs ending with ! to trigger app events

html HTML pretty printer.

hyperlevel-backup replicate a hyperleveldb, taking advantage of the liveBackup function

iframe higher level api for creating and using iframes in browsers

image-url-resolver ## work in progress from #mozfest2012

install-nginx-on-ubuntu Installs Nginx on Ubuntu over SSH. Also starts Nginx and configures upstart to start and monitor Nginx on startup.

install-node-on-ubuntu generates bash script that installs node from the chrislea ppa on ubuntu and executes it over ssh

iwlist parses iwlist output. scan, join and disconnect from wireless networks

javascript-editor codemirror + esprima powered html5 javascript editor component

joinopenwifi automatically join open and internet connect wireless networks on linux

json-multibuffer-stream Transform stream that encodes JSON data as multibuffers

json2pg write a stream of JSON objects into postgres, easily

ldjson-csv streaming csv to line delimited json parser

ldjson-stream streaming line delimited json parser + serializer

level-batcher stream designed for leveldb that you write objects to, and it emits batches of objects that are under a byte size limit

level-js leveldown/leveldb library for browsers using IndexedDB

level-socket backend server that exposes a leveldb over authenticated cross domain websockets

level-user client side library for moving data over a level-socket

logo-drone control the parrot AR drone using the LOGO programming language

masseuse turn bad touches into good touches

mca2js convert minecraft(tm) .mca region files to JS typed arrays

mdb use mdbtools from node to convert MS Access databases (.mdb and .accdb) to CSV

minecraft-blockinfo hashtable for looking up minecraft block types from binary level data

minecraft-chunk read voxel data from minecraft chunks

minecraft-mca minecraft .mca region data file pure js parser

minecraft-nbt named binary tag (minecraft) parser in pure js

minecraft-region parses chunks out of a minecraft region file

minecraft-skin load minecraft skins as meshes in three.js applications

multiplex A binary stream multiplexer. Stream multiple streams of binary data over a single binary stream.

ndarray-stl turn voxels into 3D printable stl files

nextbus-live-feed live stream vehicle locations from the nextbus API

nginx-reload node module to start, stop and reload nginx by monitoring its PID file

nginx-vhosts Programmatically add or remove vhosts to a running Nginx instance

perlin Perlin noise implementation

player-physics an attempt at first person shooter physics for three.js

playlist generates list of all .mp3 files in current folder tree

plumbdb HTTP request handlers for building web services on top of LevelDB

plummet streaming and syncing http and json api for PlumbDB (built on LevelDB)

rainbowify rainbow print stuff in terminal

remove-elements Removes elements from the DOM by CSS selector

replicate A customizable CouchDB replicator in node.js.

rewriter streaming http + file routing proxy. serve apps easily!

rtree rtree library for javascript

shellout simple shelling out for spawning commands and concatenating the stderr/stdout in a callback

simplify-geojson apply ramer-douglas-peucker line simplification to geojson features or feature collections in JS or on the CLI

sleep-ref Reference implementation of the SLEEP protocol.

snuggie http server to remote bundle a javascript program using browserify

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