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asn1 Contains parsers and serializers for ASN.1 (currently BER only)

assert-plus Extra assertions on top of node's assert module

bunyan-syslog Syslog Stream for Bunyan

dirsum A small library that computes checksums of directory trees

fast `fast` is a very small JSON over TCP messaging framework. Effectively, it lets you write RPC systems that "stream" many results back for a single message (not in the sense of a streaming JSON parser, but in the sense of many objects that are correlated). For example:

http-signature Reference implementation of Joyent's HTTP Signature Scheme

httpu HTTP over Unix Domain Sockets

ldapjs LDAP client and server APIs

ldapjs-riak A Riak backend for ldapjs (server).

leader Leader election based on ZooKeeper

manta Manta Client API

manta-nfs NFS Gateway for the Joyent Manta Storage Service

mantafs `fs` compatible API that caches/stages from Joyent Manta

memorystream-mcavage This is lightweight memory stream module for node.js.

nfs Node.js bindings for NFS

nodeunit-plus An API for nodeunit that looks like node-tap

oncrpc Library for creating ONC RPC Node.js servers and clients

pathconf node binding to POSIX statvfs (file system information)

pooling General purpose resource pool API

restify REST framework

smartdc Client SDK and CLI for the Joyent SmartDataCenter API

smartdc-auth SmartDataCenter Authentication Library

ssh-agent An API for interacting with the SSH Agent.

ssh-key-to-pem Convert an ssh key to PEM format

statvfs node binding to POSIX statvfs (file system information)

zkplus The ZooKeeper API you always wanted

zookeeper apache zookeeper client (zookeeper async API >= 3.4.0)

zsock A small library for opening Unix Domain Sockets in Solaris Zones.

zutil A SunOS-specific wrapper over zone.h and libzonecfg.h APIs

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