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css3-translate A tiny, functional CSS3 translation transforms API that shims browser-specific APIs.

dom-delegate Create and manage a DOM event delegator.

exiflocation Extract lat long data and get map location URLs from EXIF data in images.

fastclick Polyfill to remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs.

har-to-curl A CommonJS utility for converting a HAR (HTTP Archive) format JSON object to a cURL command string for use on the command line.

language-subtag-registry Full BCP 47 language subtag data from the official IANA repository, in JSON format with multiple indices.

language-tags Work with IANA language tags.

ms-viewstate Utility functions for working with VIEWSTATE and EVENTVALIDATION hashes in ASP.NET-generated HTML markup.

network-byte-order htonl, htons, ntohl, ntohs - convert values between host and network byte order.

socks5-client SOCKS v5 client socket implementation.

socks5-http-client SOCKS v5 HTTP client.

socks5-https-client SOCKS v5 HTTPS client.

starttls Upgrade a regular `net.Stream` connection to a secure `tls` connection.

stopimmediatepropagation Polyfill for missing Event#stopImmediatePropagation support on older browsers.

tika Apache Tika bridge. Text extraction, metadata extraction, mimetype detection and language detection.

tiny-deferred A tiny deferred object constructor

zerofill Zero-pad a number to the given size.

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