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connect-appcache-proxy A proxy for files listed in an appcache manifest.

connect-entity-cache HTTP entity cache with conditional GET support.

explorer Explore directories in various ways.

f-throttle Limit concurrency of a function returning a promise.

faithful Like Async, but employing promises.

faithful-exec Wraps child_process.exec, returning a promise.

fs-exists Wraps fs.exists so callback is called with (err, result).

guess-content-type Guesses (MIME) Content-Type based on file name.

infer-entity-headers Infers http entity headers from path, entity and existing headers.

jumpstart Creates projects from templates with placeholders.

jumpstart-black-coffee Jumpstart template for a nice CoffeeScript npm module

make-document-html Makes final document html from named parameters.

make-lazy-promise Makes a lazy Promises/A+ promise.

make-promise A function that creates a Promises/A+ promise.

memoblock Write super-clean async code with promises.

mongo-utils Friendly interface to mongodump and mongorestore commands.

mongoson Stringifies query objects for pasting into the Mongo shell.

normalize-package-data Normalizes data that can be found in package.json files.

osi-licenses id-name pairs of OSI-approved licenses

parse-appcache-manifest Parses HTML5 application cache manifest.

passthrough Tiny utility classes for web apps.

performance-now Implements (based on process.hrtime).

process-events-shim Shims process event functionality.

render-appcache-manifest Renders HTML5 application cache manifest.

send-http-request Function that sends a HTTP request, returning promise.

stepthrough Write super-clean async code with promises.

swift-promise Fast, Promises/A+ compliant promises.

walk-extra 'walk' by coolaj86, plus convenience functions.

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