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bake-bash Simple bash make utility

execSync Node's missing execSync.

express-error Display source code in express' error stack for JavaScript or CoffeeScript

express-hbs Express 3 handlebars template engine complete with multiple layouts, partials and blocks.

funcd Function based template engine in the flavor of Builder, Markaby or Erector

gee Gee a simpler build system built on gulp filters

gee-cli gee launcher

gee-shell Enhanced, promisified ShellJS

gulp-tap Easiest way to tap into a pipeline

inj KISS, `require` based dependency injector (DI)

mapper Lightweight, blazing fast MySQL data mapper.

mapper-pg A lightweight PostgreSQL data mapper that likes SQL.

mgutz-colors npm install mgutz-colors

mgutz-logmagic Dynamic and Configurable logging framework for node.js

mygrate SQL based migration utility for PostgreSQL and MySQL

pcoll some async.js functions in bluebird

plv8-mantle Core for plv8-bedrock

pm-spritesheet ERROR: No file found!

pm-tutdown Projmate Tutdown Filter

projmate-cli Projmate project utility

projmate-core Projmate Core Package

projmate-filters Official Projmate Filters

projmate-grunt-consolidate Compile consolidate supported templates to HTML.

projmate-shell ShellJS Extended

settings Simple environment-based application settings

sex ShellJS Extended

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