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data A Javascript data representation library.

github-api A higher-level wrapper around the Github API.

lens-article Lens Article =====

lens-converter lens-converter ==============

lens-outline Visual document outline for Substance Documents

library A home for digital documents.

substance Towards open digital publishing.

substance-application Create Substance apps using Views, Controllers and Modules.

substance-article Substance Article =====

substance-chronicle A Javascript versioning library inspired by Git.

substance-commander A command mapper for `Substance.Views`.

substance-converter Takes the Pandoc JSON format and turns it into the Substance Article.

substance-data A Javascript data representation library.

substance-document A document representation and transformation toolkit.

substance-io A minimal publishing system based on Pandoc, Substance and eLife Lens. It powers

substance-libary Where Substance documents feel at home.

substance-library Substance Library interface

substance-nodes Common node types for Substance.Article implementations

substance-operator Provides bricks for a Substance building.

substance-outline Visual document outline for Substance Documents

substance-reader Interactive reader for Substance documents, based on eLife Lens.

substance-regexp Against frustration with native RegExp's.

substance-surface An extensible low-level interface for displaying Substance documents.

substance-test Provides Substance testing utilities.

substance-toc TOC View for Substance documents

substance-util Provides Substance flowers for Substance gardeners.

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