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2-sat 2SAT solver

a-big-triangle Draws a big triangle

aho-corasick-automaton Stream Aho-Corasick automata

almost-equal Test if two floats are almost equal

ancestor-of Test if a node is an ancestor of another node in a tree

ao-mesher Voxel ambient occlusion mesher

ao-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

apply-colormap Applies a colormap to an ndarray

arcball A simple library agnostic arcball camera.

array-trie A trie data structure for arrays

ball-morphology Morphological operations with ball shaped structuring elements

barycentric Converts points to barycentric coordinates

bfs-tree-layout Index computations for balanced binary trees stored in BFS order

bfs2inorder Converts BFS tree indexes to inorder tree indexes

bibtex-parser CommonJS port of BibTeX-js

binary-merge 2-way merge

binary-search-bounds Better binary searching

bipartite-independent-set Maximum independent set for bipartite graph

bipartite-matching Maximum unweighted bipartite matching

bipartite-vertex-cover Minimal vertex cover for bipartite graphs

bisect Floating point binary search

bit-interleave Interleaves bits

bit-twiddle Bit twiddling hacks for JavaScript

bitmap-to-boxes Partitions a 2D binary image into rectangles

bitmap-triangulate Triangulates a bitmap image

boundary-cells Enumerates all boundary cells in a simplicial complex

box-frustum Checks if an axis aligned bounding box intersects a camera frustum.

box2dweb 2D physics engine

bunny The Stanford bunny

burrows-wheeler Naive Burrows-Wheeler transform implementation

cartesian-tree Linear time Cartesian tree construction

circumcenter Computes circumcenters of simplices

companion-roots Finds roots of polynomials by solving the eigenvalues of the companion matrix

compare-slope Compares the slopes of a pair of 2D vectors

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

contour-2d Extracts the boundary of a binary 2D image

convex-boundary-3d Finds the boundary of a convex polytope formed by the intersection of halfspaces

conway-hart CommonJS port of George Hart's polyhedral notation library

cooriented Checks relative orientation of cells

count-min-sketch Count-Min Sketch Data Structure

csr-matrix Compressed sparse row matrix class

cube-mesh Generates subdivided cube meshes

cubic-hermite Cubic hermite interpolation

cwise Component-wise map/reduce for ndarrays

cwise-bake Bakes cwise calls to serializable json

cwise-compiler cwise's internal compiler

cwise-parser Parser for cwise

cycle-decomposition Computes the cycle decomposition for a permutation

delaunay-triangulate Exact Delaunay triangulation

detect-pitch Detects the pitch of an audio snippet

differential Homological exterior derivartive with integer coefficients

dirichlet Dirichlet/aliased sinc function

distance-transform Distance transforms for ndarrays

drag-and-drop-files Handle file drag and drop events without all the Yak shaving

draw-billboard Draws a billboarded sprite

draw-simplicial-complex Draws a simplicial complex to a canvas element

dup Initialize an array of arrays to a constant

durand-kerner Finds multiple roots of polynomials using Weierstrass' method

dynamic-forest Maintains connectivity information for a graph under dynamic insertions and deletions

euler-characteristic Euler characteristic for simplicial complexes

eval-grid Initializes an n-dimensional image

extract-frustum-planes Extracts the planes for a WebGL viewing frustum

fenwick-tree Compute prefix sums of arrays in O(log n)

find-basis-3d Finds an orthonormal basis with at least one vector parallel to a given vector

float-bits Pulls out the bits from floating point numbers

frame-hop Frame slicing for windowed signal processing

functional-red-black-tree A fully persistent balanced binary search tree

fuse-vertices Fuses vertices in meshes

game-shell Ready-to-go game shell

game-shell-orbit-camera Attaches an orbit-camera to a game-shell with default key bindings

gauss-quadrature Gauss-Legendre quadrature rules

generic-slice method for TypedArrays, Buffers and Arguments

get-pixels Reads the pixels of an image as an ndarray

gl Creates a WebGL context without a window

gl-axes Renders axes for WebGL plots

gl-basic-tile-map Draws 2D tile maps using WebGL

gl-buffer WebGL buffer wrapper

gl-fbo Frame buffer object wrapper for WebGL

gl-mesh Static indexed mesh drawing for WebGL

gl-now Create a WebGL context now!

gl-render-text Renders text to a WebGL texture

gl-shader WebGL shader wrapper

gl-shader-core Core implementation of gl-shader without parser dependencies

gl-shells Simple ready-to-go viewers for static models in WebGL

gl-simplicial-complex Draws a simplicial complex in WebGL

gl-state Saves WebGL context state

gl-surface-plot Renders 2D surfaces

gl-texture2d WebGL texture wrapper

gl-tile-map Creates a mip mapped texture atlas from a list of tiles and uploads it to WebGL

gl-vao Vertex array object wrapper/shim for WebGL

glsl-exports Find all uniforms and attributes in a GLSL shader

greedy-mesher Greedy mesh compiler

grid-graph Generates a grid shaped graph

grid-mesh Creates a simplicial complex for a plane.

hash-int Hashes integers

hermite-coefficients Returns coefficients of degree n Hermite polynomial

horn-sat Solves HORNSAT

horner Evaluates polynomial

i-graph Generalized generalized Petersen graph generator

image-rotate Rotates a 2D ndarray

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