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inlinify Inline functions in JavaScript

inorder-tree-layout Index calculations for inorder layout of balanced binary trees

interval-tree-1d 1D interval tree data structure

invert-hash Inverts an object hash

invert-permutation Inverts permutations

iota-array Generates an array of consecutive integers starting at 0

is-little-endian Checks if your system is little endian

is-property Tests if a JSON property can be accessed using . syntax

isabella-texture-pack Creative commons licensed texture pack for voxel games

isosurface 3D isosurface polygonizer

k-hash Generic k-way indepenent hash function

latex A simple wrapper for LaTeX in node.js

lazy-property Lazily initialized properties for objects

least-common-ancestor O(1) least common ancestor queries for JSON trees

left-right Computes the orientation of 3 points

legendre-poly Coefficients of Legendre polynomials

lena The Lena test image

level-ancestor Finds the kth ancestor of a node in a JSON tree

limit-bench Benchmark with time limits

lower-bound Finds the first item in an array greater than or equal to a given value

luminance Convert RGB to grayscale

mathmode Turns LaTeX math mode expressions into images

maximal-independent-set Maximal independent vertex sets

mesh-geodesic Approximate geodesic distance for triangulated meshes

mesh-to-binvox Converts a mesh to a binvox stream

mesh-viewer Just draws meshes

meshdata Some common freely available triangulated meshes, collected from various places around the net

mespeak Text to speech synthesizer

minimal-bit-array Minimal bit array implementation that is compatible with ndarrays

morton-page Morton order index for multidimensional pages

multinomial Multinomial coefficients

murmurhash-js Native JS murmur hash implementation

n-body-pairs Given a collection of spheres with equal radii, find all pairwise intersections.

ndarray Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-bit ndarrays of bits

ndarray-complex Complex arithmetic for ndarrays

ndarray-convolve Convolution and cross correlation functions for ndarrays

ndarray-distance Lp distance between ndarrays

ndarray-downsample2x Downsample by a factor of two using sinc interpolation

ndarray-extract-contour Generic contour extraction library for surface nets/dual contouring

ndarray-fft FFT for ndarrays

ndarray-fill Fills an ndarray with function

ndarray-gaussian-filter Gaussian filter for ndarrays

ndarray-hash Hash table backed sparse ndarray

ndarray-imshow Displays an ndarray as an image

ndarray-linear-interpolate Multilinear interplation for ndarrays

ndarray-matrix-vector-product Dense matrix-vector multiplication

ndarray-moments Statistical moments of ndarrays

ndarray-normalize Normalizes an ndarray to zero mean and unit variance

ndarray-ops Common operations for ndarray arrays

ndarray-pack Packs an array-of-arrays into a single ndarray

ndarray-prefix-sum Computes a prefix sum of an ndarray

ndarray-proxy Lazy ndarrays

ndarray-scratch Pooled memory for ndarrays

ndarray-segment Run length encoded sparse ndarray

ndarray-select Linear time selection algorithm for ndarrays

ndarray-sort Sorts ndarrays in place

ndarray-stencil Stencil operations for ndarrays

ndarray-string ndarray views of strings

ndarray-to-binvox Dumps an ndarray to a binvox stream

ndarray-translate Shifts ndarrays

ndarray-translate-fft Translates ndarrays using sinc interpolation

ndarray-unpack Converts an ndarray into an array-of-arrays

ndarray-warp ndarray image warping

ndconvolve n-dimensional convolutions

ndcrop Crops n-dimensional images

ndfft n-dimensional fast Fourier transform for JavaScript

ndflow n-dimensional network flow solver

ndgemm Matrix multiplication for ndarrays

ndresize Resizes n-dimensional images (or volumes) by cropping and padding

normals Estimates normals for meshes

orbit-camera Orbiting 3D camera for WebGL

order-maintenance Ordered list maintenance data structure

overlap-add Additive synthesis of signals

parse-obj Parses .OBJ formatted meshes

parse-ply A streaming PLY parser

parsed-url Short cut to get a parsed url and query string in browserify

patcher Object patching and replication for JavaScript

permutation-parity Computes the parity of a permutation

permutation-rank Ranks and unranks permutations

phase-align Finds patterns in ndarrays

phase-unwrap Phase unwrapping for ndarrays

pitch-shift Variable rate controllable audio pitch shifter

plane-to-polygon Converts a plane to a polygon

point-in-big-polygon Industrial strength point in polygon test

point-in-region Quickly and robustly determines which region contains a given query point

point-in-simplex Checks if a point is contained in a simplex

poly-derivative Differentiates polynomial

poly-line Generate paths and cycles

poly-mult Multiplies polynomials by brute force

poly-mult-fft Multiplies polynomials together using an FFT

polytope-closest-point Computes the closest point to a polytope in arbitrary dimensions

ppm A simple streaming ascii PPM image parser/writer

qhull-js A port of qhull to JavaScript

quasicrystals Quasicrystal pattern generator

random-tree Generates a random tree

range-minimum-query Preprocess an array to find the smallest element in any interval in O(1)

raymarch Volume ray marching renderer

rectangle-decomposition Minimal decomposition of rectilinear polygons into rectangles

rle-classify Primitive intersection routines (point, ray, line segment, etc.) for narrowband level sets

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