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rle-components Connected component labeling / extraction for narrowband level sets

rle-core Core tools for working with narrow band level sets in JavaScript

rle-csg Constructive solid geometry library for narrow band level sets

rle-extents Finds bounding box for rle volume

rle-funcs Functional programming primitives for narrowband levelsets

rle-mesh Meshing routines for narrowband levelsets

rle-morphology Mathematical morphology operations for narrow band level sets

rle-ndarray Convert between ndarrays and rle volumes

rle-rasterize Rasterizes meshes into narrowband level sets

rle-repair RLE repair

rle-sample Methods for sampling narrowband level sets

rle-save-binvox Export to binvox file format

rle-stencils Stencils for use with rle library

rle-voxeljs Narrowband level set to voxeljs conversion tool

robust-determinant General purpose robust determinant computation

robust-determinant-2 Exactly computes the determinant of a 2x2 matrix as a nonoverlapping increasing series

robust-determinant-3 Exactly computes the determinant of a 3x3 matrix

robust-dot-product Exactly computes the dot product between two vectors

robust-in-sphere Exact arithmetic test to check if point is contained in sphere

robust-orientation Exactly computes the orientation of a tuple of points

robust-point-in-polygon Exactly test if a point is inside, outside or on the boundary of a polygon

robust-point-in-simplex Exact geometric predicate to classify a point against a simplex

robust-product Exactly multiplies two non-overlapping increasing sequences

robust-scale Multiplies a nonoverlapping increasing sequence of floats by a single float

robust-segment-intersect Exact arithmetic test for line segment intersection

robust-subtract Exact subtraction of non-increasing overlapping sequences

robust-sum Evaluates the sum of two nonoverlapping increasing sequences of floats

rsqrt Quake style 1.0/sqrt. DO NOT USE

save-pixels Saves an ndarray as an image to a file

scratch Scratch memory

se2-correlate Correlation over the 2D rigid motion group for images

segment-tree Segment tree data structure

serverify Runs browserify in a server

shapeways node.js module for accessing the Shapeways Api

signed-distance Signed distance field computations

signum Returns the sign of a number

simple-2d-shader A simple 2D shader

simple-3d-shader A simple 3d shader for webgl

simplicial-cartesian-product Cartesian product of simplicial complexes

simplicial-complex Topological indexing for simplicial complexes

simplicial-disjoint-union Concatenates two simplicial complexes

simplicial-layout Code for drawing simplicial complexes in arbitrary dimensions.

simplify-2d-complex Simplifies a 2D polygonal region

slab-decomposition Slab decomposition data structure for 2D vertical ray queries

spatial-grid Computes closest points to meshes and polygons

spatial-noise Spatially deterministic noise generators

specialize Partial function evaluator

sphere-mesh Generates subdivided spheres

splat-points-3d Splats a point cloud onto a 3D volume

split-polygon Splits a convex polygon by a plane

star-polygon Generate star polygons

stars Vertex stars of simplicial complexes

static-kdtree A kdtree data structure

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

stft Short time Fourier transform

strongly-connected-components Computes strongly connected components of a directed graph

surface-nets General purpose level set extraction

svg-3d-simplicial-complex Renders a simplicial complex to a chunk of an svg file

symmetric-tensor-eval Evaluates a multivariable polynomial

symmetric-tensor-index Index arithmetic for symmetric tensors

symmetric-tensor-to-string Converts symmetric tensors into human readable/LaTeX parseable strings

teapot The Utah Teapot

tile-mip-map Tile base mip mapping for texture atlases

tree-layout-tester Tests cases for various tree layout algorithms

triangulate-hypercube Triangulates a hypercube into simplices

trimesh Tools for processing triangulated meshes in Javascript

two-product Multiplies two floating point numbers together producing a non-overlapping increasing sequence of floats

two-sum Computes a non-overlapping sequence representing the sum of two floating point numbers.

typedarray-pool Reuse typed arrays

union-find A union-find data structure for maintaining disjoint sets.

uniq Removes duplicates from a sorted array in place

upper-bound Find the index of the first element greater than x in a sorted array

vectorize-text Render a string to a vectorized cell complex

version-tree Version tracking data structure

vishull2d Visible regions for 2D poly-lines

voronoi-diagram Constructs a Voronoi diagram for a collection of points

voxel-crunch Simple run length encoding library

voxel-print 3D print voxel models via shapeways

voxel-raycast Ray queries for voxel.js

voxelize Voxelizes a mesh into an ndarray

webglew WebGL extension wrangler

write-ply Serializes a PLY file to a stream

write-vrml Serializes a mesh to a VRML file

zero-crossings Finds all zero crossings in a 1D ndarray

zeros Initialize an ndarray with zeros

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