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amd-utils Utility methods written in the AMD format

ant Apache Ant Adapter, execute Ant tasks from node

CompoundSignal Special Signal that groups multiple Signals together and dispatches after all the group elements are dispatched.

crossroads Flexible router which can be used in multiple environments

esformatter ECMAScript code beautifier/formatter

esindent ECMAScript code indenter based on Esprima AST and Rocambole

gh-markdown-cli Batch convert Github flavored markdown files through the command-line.

hasher Hasher is a set of JavaScript functions to control browser history for rich-media websites and applications

mdoc Markdown based documentation generator

mout Modular Utilities

nodefy convert AMD modules into a node.js compatible format

requirejs-hogan-plugin A requirejs wrapper for the mustache compiler.

rocambole Recursively walk and transform EcmaScript AST

rocambole-node Helpers to traverse and manipulate rocambole AST nodes

rocambole-token Helpers for rocambole AST token manipulation

signals Custom Event/Messaging System

trainwreck Chaining made easy.

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