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ancestor find the lowest common ancestor in a directed, acyclic graph

array-diff diff arrays recognizing ordering changes

array-merge 3-way merging of arrays

async-iterators utility functions for async iterators

aws-lib Extensible Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services API

backbone-listview A generic list view

canonical-json a canonical json implementation

content-addressable a content-addressable store interface

csv-iterator iterate over rows in a csv file

csv-json-transform transform csv to json

csv-simple-stream transform a file or character stream into a csv stream

diff-merge-patch diff, merge and patch sets, dictionaries and lists

diff-utils simple diffing of objects and sets

fuzzy-match fuzzy matching of IDs in arrays

geocode a geocoder with cache

graph-difference find the subgraph between two nodes in a directed acyclic graph

histo-revisions peer-to-peer synchronizable database written in javascript

id-diff diff arrays of identifyable objects

id-merge merge arrays with identifyable elements

level-simple-stream simple-stream source and sink for LevelUP and LevelDOWN

levelup-iterator an iterator for node-levelup

line-iterator Iterate over streams (actually iterators) by line.

line-simple-stream A simple-stream for lines of a string stream

longest-common-substring an implementation of the longest common substring problem

magickal A simple image manipulation library wrapping GraphicsMagick

merge-utils merge objects, sets and ordered sets

pluggable-cache caching adapter for pluggable-store

pluggable-store A unified interface to key-value stores

pluggable-store-tests re-usable tests for pluggable-store adapters

priority-queue a priority queue implementation

range-merge merge range-maps

s3store convenient storage of objects and files in S3

simple-stream utility functions for simple streams

spawn Seamless multi-process worker management

stream-iterator transform streams into async iterators

synclib A distributed document store

syncnode ERROR: No file found!

token-streams simultaneous parsing of token streams

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