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amdetective Like node-detective, but for AMD/r.js files

apache_ai Summarizes Apache error logs by removing unnecessary uniquely identifying information

archey Archey.js is a system information tool written in JS (based on Archey)

cato Minimal view layer with declarative bindings

fail Generic failure detector for connections

git-run A tool for managing multiple git repositories

gluejs Build CommonJS modules for the browser via a chainable API

htmlparser-to-html Converts the JSON that the htmlparser/htmlparser2 package produces back to HTML.

markdown-styles Markdown to HTML generator and multiple CSS themes for Markdown

mds-csv csv highlighting support for markdown-styles / generate-md

mds-hljs highlight.js support for markdown-styles / generate-md

mg Model synchronization / hydration library

microee A tiny EventEmitter-like client and server side library

miniee An EventEmitter-like client and server side library for routing events w/regexps

minilog Lightweight client & server-side logging with Stream-API backends and counting, timing support

miniq Yet another tiny async control flow library, implements parallelLimit, with the ability to share the concurrency-limited queue.

minitask A standard/convention for running tasks over a list of files based around Node core streams2

mixu_minimal Minimal router and client

mocha-run Run mocha files using `node testfile.js`

nplay A terminal MP3 player for all platforms - frontend for mplayer / afplay

npm_lazy Lazy local npm cache server

nwm Dynamic window manager for X11

package-json-resolver Library for reading and resolving package.json files

perfect A perfect minimal hash function generator

pixiedust RESTful lazy chainable API generator

radar Realtime apps with a high level API based on

radar_client Realtime apps with a high level API based on

requireincontext Wrapper to require() js files in a custom context

snapshot Serialize circular references, custom objects and other types not supported by JSON

token HMAC token generation and verification with time-based limitation on validity

vectorclock A simple implementation of vector clocks in Javascript.

vnodehash Consistent hashing using vnodes

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