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adsr Attack, decay, sustain, release envelope for automating Web Audio API AudioParams.

audio-meddle Route Web Audio API audio nodes through schedulable chains of processor nodes.

audio-param-transform Apply multiple transforms with custom functions to Web Audio API AudioParams.

audio-slot Web Audio API triggerable audio slot described with JSON consisting of sources, processors, and modulators.

become Transform target DOM elements to become incoming HTML

beforesort Sort an item in a collection relative to other items based on it's before/after attribute

bopper Provides a streaming clock source for scheduling Web Audio events rhythmically

callify Create browserify transforms that change or inline external module function calls

context-server Sync json-context instances via WebSockets using sock.js

contextdb Use json-context with leveldb. Contexts are automatically generated from matchers, and provides ability to watch matchers for realtime notifications.

css-scroll-by Scroll the page by a given offset using CSS transitions

css-transition Animate between DOM style changes using css transitions

custom-audio-node Create your own AudioNodes with AudioParams for using with the Web Audio API.

ditty Schedule Web Audio events for a midi loop sequence using bopper clock source.

dom-behavior Define javascript behavior for DOM elements

dom-morph Smoothly animate a DOM element swap from one to another.

elementize Convert HTML into an array of DOM Elements

former Populate html form elements with data and return updated object

hoister Put all function and variable declarations at the top of the scope in an AST

json-context Create a single object containing all data required to render a view/page that provides an event stream for syncing with server and data-binding. Browserify compatible.

json-filter Match an object against a filter

json-query Retrieves values from JSON objects for data binding. Offers params, nested queries, deep queries, custom reduce/filter functions and simple boolean logic. Browserify compatible.

knob Canvas based knob widget for the browser

level-match-index Index and filter LevelDB databases and watch for future changes.

level-match-map Index your database objects in the way they will be rendered. Follows the JSON Context matcher pattern. Datasources generated from matchers, then watch for realtime changes.

lfo Low frequency oscillator for automating Web Audio API AudioParams.

micro-css A CSS preprocessor that provides a simplified object orientated approach to css. The syntax is very similar to CSS but encourages better reuse of classes and discourages high specificity.

midi-clock Creates a virtual midi clock ticking at 96 PPQ

midi-controller Create buttons and note matrices from duplex midi streams for midi controllers such as Launchpad.

midi-grabber Stream midi data in and temporarily route ranges to specific callbacks.

midi-looper Stream based midi loop maker. Buffers all input then creates loops on demand.

midi-looper-launchpad Launchpad control bindings for midi-looper

midi-qwerty-keys Use qwerty keyboard as midi keyboard in the browser

midi-stream Duplex stream wrapper around 'midi' module

notevil Evalulate javascript like the built-in eval() method but safely

plexy Create multiple duplex object streams that read and write through a single text stream.

realtime-templates Render views on the server (using standard HTML markup) that the browser can update in realtime when the original data changes.

rincewind An HTML based template engine with a few ever-so-slightly magic attributes

rincewind-precompile-transform Browserify transform to inline and precompile rincewind templates

rincewind-watch Watch rincewind views and trigger callbacks on change

soundbank A collection of triggerable Web Audio API audio slots, supporting audio routing, midi input and value providers.

soundbank-delay Basic delay processor AudioNode with feedback, filter and wet/dry AudioParams.

soundbank-dipper A global side-chain compressor for the Web Audio API. Modulate the amplitude of AudioNodes based on the amplitude of other AudioNodes.

soundbank-inherit Inherit descriptor from target audio slot and override specified attributes.

soundbank-multi Repeat template descriptor for every item in input array, replacing placeholder with current item.

soundbank-oscillator Oscillator AudioNode source extended with automatable amplitude and midi note params.

soundbank-overdrive A simple audio distortion effect based on wave shaping with automatable filter and gain controls.

soundbank-sample Sample player AudioNode source extended with automatable transpose, tuning and amp.

soundbank-scale Use with soundbank-inherit to distribute a series of audio-slots across a musical scale.

soundbank-slice Use with soundbank-inherit to slice an audio sample across the desired amount of audio-slots.

tap-tempo Estimates BPM from tap events

unique-resource Get a short, unique key for a given file path based on the content of the file or its path.

wave-file-stream PCM Wave File stream for Node and Web FileSystem API

wave-recorder Pipe Web Audio API nodes into 16bit PCM Wave files

web-fs Node's fs module for browsers using Web FileSystem API

web-midi Web MIDI API stream based wrapper

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