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backpacker backpacker ======

composed compose =======

coverage_testing A simple Node testing library. Forked from async_testing 0.4. Source can be found at

dombox dombox ======

facebook-api offering high level and low level calls against the graph API

kommissar Kommissar =========

megrim Migration Tool for Postgres databases in node.js

mw This is a collection of useful middlewares.

newsletter2go api implementation written in coffee-script ============================================================

paypal simple paypal api for node to do express checkouts

pfadfinder pfadfinder ==========

public-suffix publicsuffix written in nodejs ==============================

sqlhelper small utility class to make working with node-mysql a bit more pleasant

staty statsd client for nodejs ========================

xappy-async_testing A simple Node testing library.

xappy-pg PostgreSQL client - pure javascript & libpq with the same API

zanox Zanox Api written in CoffeeScript =================================

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