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assetgraph Optimization framework for web pages and applications

assetgraph-builder Build system for web sites and applications

assetviz A graph visualization of the assets and their relations in your web app

buildfu A collection of CLI web build tools

cardio A cardiograph for your web application code base

color-commando Do color calculations while going commando! Command line interface is all anyone ever needed anyway!

cssom-papandreou CSS Object Model implementation and CSS parser (fork that hacks in support for multiple occurrences of the same CSS property in a rule)

cubehash.js CubeHash is a very simple cryptographic hash function

express-processimage Express middleware that processes served images according to the query string

grunt-reduce A grunt kitchen that reduces your web ingredients down to their essence for optimal serving. Bon app├ętit

histogram Provides a histogram data structure of png, gif and jpeg images using canvas. This library works in the browser as well

livestyle NodeJS middleware and binary for setting up a webserver that notifies the browser of CSS updates. Polling fallback for pure client side functionality.

micro.offset A JS microlib to get the offset of a DOM element in the page

node-untile Combines map tiles into a large map

oconf Configuration

one-validation Regexp based validation collection for common internet validation tasks

onecolor Javascript color object with implicit color space conversions. Supports RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK with alpha channel.

pngquant The pngquant utility as a readable/writable stream

pressable Representations of pressable keys that aren't text. These are stored in the Unicode PUA (Private Use Area) code points, 0xE000-0xF8FF.

slint Linting gone overboard

swfobject-munter SWFObject is a free, open-source tool for embedding swf content in websites. This version is a seperate fork for developers that know their stuff.

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