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ares A simple wrapper around childProcess.exec that helps keep process launching code clean

audio-streamer Streams audio data as binary data via binaryjs connection

changer Change the contents of files according to rules

countrycode Find the country corresponding to country codes

emscripten-server node module to run on an amazon ec2 instance setup with emscripten

file-finder Searches directories recursively for files matching search strings

gitstats Parses/analyzes local git repositories and public GitHub repositories.

gyp-builder A way to build gyp files programmatically

gyp-to-obj Read gyp files and serialize them into JavaScript objects

hotkey Global hotkeys for node.js?!? Yes! This is a native C++ module that exposes OS global hotkeys to node.js.

leto Leto - Spawn new projects from templates

lib-portaudio Installer for portaudio lib for osx and linux

maker Generates files from various templates and inputs

mover Takes files from one place and puts them in another place

node-core-audio Core native node.js audio functionality, including sound card access and audio streaming

node-vst-host VST host for processing audio

notnode-gyp Node.js gyp builder

octopu Flexible build system written in node.js

stdask A simple way to ask the user for command line input

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