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api-facade A library that simplifies the exposure of data through REST interfaces in a secure, scope dependent way. Basically transforms internal data into whatever a client of your API has the right to see.

authorization-server-client Client to access an authorization server for oauth2 token validation in a distributed environment.

fanignite-fanbox-client fanignite fanbox API client A hook that listens to an amqp queue and forwards messages to the bus A blueprint for your own hooks using Coffeescript and Vows A hook to compress and uncompress. Operates synchronously for now. A hook to mock messages to debug your composite hooks. It listens to messages and replies with messages and custom data if a match is found. VERY 0.0.1 A hook to archive and unarchive with tar. Operates synchronously for now. A hook to retrieve files through http. Based on the http-get module by Stefan Rusu.

http-bearer-token-file-store A low security file based storage for tokens that can be used to secure web services.

identity-server-client A client to connect to our identity server.

itunes-epf-feedcheck A module that checks the itunes EPF server for new files.

modeista-api-client A client to connect to the modeista API.

modeista-queue-engine A queue engine abstraction

mongodb-errors Helper classes to deal with mongodb errors

mongodb-objectid-helper A simple helper to determine if a string is a mongodb object id

mongoose-identity-store A bunch of mongoose schemas to implement identity management (users, accesstokens, oauth apps)

mongoose-identity-store-multi-tenant A bunch of mongoose schemas to implement identity management (users, accesstokens, oauth apps)

mongoose-plugins-accessible-by A mongoose plugin that adds role based security information to a schema

mongoose-plugins-created-by Adds a createdBy field to a schema.

mongoose-plugins-delete-paranoid Adds paranoid deletion to a mongoose schema

mongoose-plugins-resource-limits Adds a createdBy field to a schema.

mongoose-plugins-tags-simple Adds a simple tag field to a mongoose schema

mongoose-plugins-timestamp Some error objects prepackaged.

mongoose-rest-helper A bunch of helpers used to simplify rest development.

persistent-task-status A node.js module, utilizing mongoose, that allows you to persist hierarchical task information for potentially long running, faulty tasks.

protect-resource Middleware that deals with protection of resources. Supports roles and works transparently with all login vectors.

route-active Checks if a route is active.

scottyapp-api-client Official node.js API client for Documentation is available at

simple-paginator Helper methods to deal with pagination.

singleplatform API client

some-errors Some error objects prepackaged.

underscore-ext Some internal extensions to underscore

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